Snoring snore a lot as compared to people with

Snoring is a
condition in which an individual produces a snorting sound or noise during
sleep. This condition is due to the flow of air from the mouth or nasal
cavities through the throat. In this case, the airflow from the nose or the
mouth to the lungs causes the vibration of the airway tissues. Snoring affects
both men and women. However, studies reveal that, men are more affected than women
are. Some of the symptoms of snoring include the obvious noise that you make
when you are asleep, sore throat, and dry mouth.

Snoring has been attributed
to so many factors that revolves around health, lifestyle, genetic, hygiene,
and other environmental conditions. Therefore, the following are some of the causes
and thereafter the solutions for curbing this sleep disorder:

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1.      Pregnancy and obesity

Both obesity and
pregnancy can cause an individual to snore while sleeping. Obese individuals have
excess fats on their throats or just around the neck region. Research studies
shows that, people who have a circumference that is more than 43cm on their
necks snore a lot as compared to people with less neck circumference. Pregnant
mothers also have bulky throat tissues limits the airflow and thus causing them
to snore a lot while sleeping.

2.      Nasal congestion and

Nasal congestion
happens as a result of nasal structure and other environmental conditions. In
this case, it can be dust, genetic factors, cold or flu, and nose deformities.
Both nasal congestion and allergies can cause blockage of the airflow and thus
a vacuum that is created in the throat makes an individual to snore as he or
she forces the air into the lungs.

3.      Drinking alcohol and

Smoking and
alcohol drinking is also a major cause that is associated with this awful condition.
This happens since both the tongue and the throat muscles become relaxed. Any
of the substance that can make the muscles of the throat to relax can also
cause an individual to snore.

4.      Sleep posture

Sleeping posture
also matters. If you want to avoid snoring, you should always learn to sleep
with your sides. Sleeping on the back also causes the throat muscles to relax. Ideally,
most of the people who have this condition also have the wrong sleeping
posture. Therefore, it is so invaluable to make sleeping enjoyable and free
from distractions by practising the right sleeping best practices. In addition,
the posture is also dictated by the comfort of the mattress and the pillows. In
this case, without the proper pillow orientation, you might feel the same airflow
effect that will make you to snore. 

5.      Age

Snoring is mostly
associated with the middle-aged individuals and the old. When a person is
growing older and older, the throat continues to become narrower. In addition,
the muscle tone of the throat decreases and thus causing airflow difficulty
when asleep. While there is absolutely nothing that you can do to change your
age, it is possible to practise other lifestyle changes that will help in
reducing the same problem.


Having looked at
the above causes, you will also realize that, every problem or condition has
its solution. While snoring is caused by so many factors as mentioned above,
there are awesome recommended and healthy ways that can be adopted in the
treatment of the same condition. Therefore, the solutions include:

Exercises. Of course,
exercises are always healthy. Keeping your body fit is one of the ways of
dealing with snoring. As mentioned, obesity or excess weight is one of the
causes of snoring. Exercises are helpful in toning and strengthening the throat
muscles thus creating a healthy pathway for air passage. You will also realize
that, there are specific exercises that targets the throat muscles. Therefore,
engaging in those exercises is one of the surest ways of dealing with snoring

Clear nasal passages. If
your nose is stuffy for one reason or another, it is so imperative to clear the
sinuses every time before going to bed. This is done to do away with the nasal
condition that is one of the causes of snoring. In this case, you can apply
nasal decongestant, nasal strips, or Neti pot. If it is the case of allergies,
you should always moisten your bedroom to reduce dust and pet dander among
other allergens.

Quit smoking and alcohol
drinks. As mentioned earlier in this article, alcohol drinking and smoking
causes the relaxation of the throat muscles. Therefore, to avoid this problem,
the only option is to quit smoking. If there is a difficulty for you to quit,
it is also the best practice for you to seek advice from your doctor. Though
this is easier said than to implement, you should be forced by the irritation
that drinking and smoking causes to the nasal membranes, the throat, and the
blockage that it causes to the airways.

Change the sleeping
position. Perhaps your solution to snoring is just changing the sleeping
posture or position. Most of the people as mentioned have poor sleeping
postures and thus causing them to snore throughout the night. If you have been
sleeping on your bed flat with your back, then you should change if you want to
avoid snoring. Instead, you should always sleep sideways rather than sleep on
your back.

Some of the other
solutions that have been found effective in reducing snoring include the
following practices:

Establishing a healthy
sleep patterns.

Keeping the bedroom air
moist at all times.

Use of anti-snoring mouth

What are the health effects of snoring?

Snoring is not
only a condition that makes you to produce irritating noise while you are
sleeping but also a problem that poses a health risk. It is also worth taking
into consideration the fact that, snoring that is caused by sleep apnea is very
dangerous and can be deadly if not treated earlier. Before exploring on the
health effects, there are also social effects that include partner resentment,
reduced sexual satisfaction, and sleeping in different rooms due to irritating
noise. The health effects include the following:

Breathing interruptions.
In this case, the breathing does not happen the way it should be. That means
there is sometimes when you are not breathing normally and at times there is
frequent breathing depending on the airways. This serious health risk can be
fatal if not treated. Therefore, if you have a snoring problem, automatically
you have breathing problems that can led to sleep apnea. What you should do is
to try to explore on the ways that can help solve the problem in order to curb
this effect.

Light sleeping. This is
the kind of sleep that is not satisfactory due to a lot of snoring
distractions. Snoring makes a person to spend his or her time waking often thus
interfering with his or her sleep pattern.

Heart strain. It is very
dangerous for the heart to strain to function effectively and efficiently since
it is the engine of the body. Without the proper functioning of the heart
pumping blood to all parts of the body, the organs and tissues of the body can
develop other health problems. This condition can even further cause high-blood
pressure, heart enlargement or even stroke.

Day drowsiness. This is
associated with the sleepy feeling, fatigue, or tiredness. Therefore, when a
person spends his or her night snoring, this is the result the will be
witnessed during the daytime. Drowsiness is thus an effect that actually
interfere with the quality of life and can expose you to other risks and
accidents especially if you are travelling on the road.

Tips for a better sleep

As a matter of
fact, everyone needs a quality sleep. Not only quality but also the quantity of
it. However, if you have to spend all your night snoring, both the quantity and
the quality of your sleep is affected. In this situation, you need to identify
the best practices that you can adopt to make your sleep fulfilling and
restorative. For your sake, the following are some of the few tips that you can
put into practice to achieve a better sleep:

to your sleep schedule

Sleep schedule is
as important as the sleep itself. To make it enjoyable practice, you should
stick to your daily sleep routine. In this case, you make it a habit always to sleep
and to wake up at the same time. Doing this everyday will make your body to
adapt to a healthy sleeping pattern that will give you great fulfilment. If you
are on a weekend or a holiday, there should be no difference when it comes to
the sleeping and wake-up time. However, at some point you might also find
difficulty in falling asleep despite your pattern. In this case, you should
find something relaxing to do for some few minutes then go back to sleep when
you are tired doing it.

distractors away

If you want to
enjoy quality sleep, your bedroom should be a bedroom and not a movie store. It
should not be an entertainment room but a place to have enough rest after a
day’s work. Therefore, you should avoid distractors such as the television or
computer in your sleeping room as you might be tempted to have a watch or
entertainment during your sleep time.

your bedroom comfortable

Another important
tip that will enhance your sleep is the condition of your bedroom. At this
point, you should always ensure that the bedroom is clean, tidy and well
organized. So to your bed. If the comfort is missing, the quality and the
quantity of your sleep will be highly affected. Therefore, always make up your
bed, use clean blankets free of dust, and the right pillows.

daytime naps

If you sleep
during the day, automatically you will have problems getting sleep at night. That
means you should avoid daytime naps at all costs. If it is inevitable, perhaps
you are compensating, make it short so that you can have quality sleep during
the night. It is also good to ensure that you sleep for at most thirty minutes
if it is necessary. Also, wake up at least four hours before your night
sleeping time. By doing this, you will make your night sleep better. That is
restorative and fulfilling.

before going to bed

It is always the
best practice to have a relaxed mind before going to sleep. At this time, you
should forget all the daytime worries and problems that may otherwise cost your
sleep. For you to achieve this, it is important to assess your day and set an
action plan for the next day. That means what you failed to achieve today will
come into the next day’s plan. Doing this will make your mind relaxed and prepared
for the next day even before you sleep and thus giving you a piece of mind that
is essential for quality sleep.

the right time in bed

It is important to
note that, every adult requires an approximate of 8 hours rest. While some
require more, some require less. In this connection, it is always good to have
the right amount of sleep every night. To do this effectively, you need to
ensure that you have a good sleep for the specified number of hours.

attention to your food

Healthy diet also
contributes a lot when it comes to the quality and quantity of sleep. Always
eat a well-balanced diet. It is also imperative to make sure that you have
eaten the right quantity in order to avoid disruptions during sleep. In this
case, you should eat the right quantity. Not too much or too little. Either can
cause you distractions or discomfort while you are sleeping. In addition, you
should avoid caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants that can keep your mind


As much as snoring
is a serious problem, there is always a solution. It is therefore important to
identify the cause in order to find a perfect solution and thus gain access to
better sleep.


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