SELF to himself it may bring the change which


Self realization is
driven into different parts in the life of each character. Every self
realization has a cause or an incident that takes place in the day o day life the
process of self realization may be slow but it is not very easy it has a lot of
hurdles in life.

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     Self realization comes through solving
problems her/him mistakes in discovering the problems and bring a new change
within a person

      A character who comes through self
realization at the beginning may not be good or perfect he/she may have hidden
secrets that causes problems not within the family but also within himself that
puts him down and it takes time for him to know and get healed.

       Self realization not only brings
happiness only to himself it may bring the change which develops true reality
in himself/herself. It may bring a change in person behavior.

        Self realization is not given to a
single character it is given all the characters in the novel which leads to a
happy ending.

        Dreams are mainly used as the symbols in
most of the novels where the thoughts are spoken through the dream which
enables us to speak or voice out emotions and feelings. Our dreams at least
give us happiness for a short time but sometimes that same dream makes us
realize what we are capable of. Our dreams teaches us that we have not done
anything in our life and we have always been depending on someone else It give
us a question whether we have spent the time for ourselves.

        The dreams  teaches us that we have hidden  something within ourselves or something
hidden from others and allows us to search the hidden secret that lead to find
out what was hidden whether it was for the good or bad.

       Difficulties play a major role in self
realization .Many of us curse God in times of difficulties, but we don’t know
that difficulties teach us how to overcome and survive in the world. When we go
through difficulties mostly we commit a mistake to go and seek help from others
especially the elders who think what is right and wrong for us. We think people
would make fun of us and we keep ourselves isolated during the time of

        Our major problem is we don’t like to
depend on others or seek others help that they would increase our problems more
and add on many difficulties in our life. Sometimes solving the problems on our
own is good and it works out correctly that happens by luck but not always.

           Knowledge is another element of self
realization .we think we are knowledgeable due to the over confidence in us
that we know everything in life. We feel lazy to learn new thing that we have
not learnt in our life yet. They feel people would mock at us when we say we
don’t know even the small things in life and pretend to know during those
circumstances in this present generation.

Pretention is an
element that happens during self realization. In  most novels we see that the character
pretends to show that they are good outside but from within they are bad in
order to seek attraction from other around them and gain there love. They are
unaware that this pretention would lead some day as a bad experience in life.

     Personal experience is another element in
self realization. Personal experience includes habits like addiction towards drinks,
cigarette moving with bad companions who have been not in a good relationship
with them. Just out of anxiety of what others do they learn to do at the
beginning it starts as an imitation but slowly it develops into a habit and
later becomes as an addiction which lead into incurable disease that leads to
death in a family

       Self realization in “Bonesetters Daughter” happens
through impression of dreams, identity crisis, and knowledge and through

      The protagonist Ruth is the main
character who undergoes realizing the love of a mother, who Luling feels and
understand the pain of her daughter who lives all her life for others. Ruth has
never spent a moment for herself but has only been thinking all her life for
the happiness of the people around her. Ruth also plays the role of a mother
who take care of Art’s family though she has not entered into the marriage
life, She just pretends herself to be a mother to the children of Art and as a
mother who takes care of her mother during the time of old age and sickness to
keep her family with joy, happiness good health etc…

   Ruth’s life tells us  how she had been involved by the dream of her
grandmother who tells her to  keep
sometime for herself to show her  talents
.The life of  Ruth is the author’s own
life it shows how she had been colonized 
by her own people. It expresses about the face of loneliness in the life
of Ruth, but her dreams allow her to know why she keeps chasing to become a
great writer in the world and to know the things that her mother had hidden all
in her life.

    The life of Luling shows the sickness of
things that permits her to pretend to be really happy, but she feels guilty
that while pretending she remembers the past things in her life which never
allows her to show her true happiness and during this she has a sudden break of
memories which happens in reality showing that she loses her memory at a sudden
struck of time which leads her life as an empty vessel. It brings in how she
let goes all her past life in a “diary” as a system to look upon it and realize
the identity of Precious Aunty that she had hidden to her daughter Ruth who
tells about the dream of precious aunty who appears like a ghost in the dream.
Luling is shown how she feels guilty at the time of Ruth sharing her dream with
her the question of silence is being implored here

    Luling and Ruth’s life tells us how they
have been a victim toward their own family. for egg: Precious Aunty was raped
and was isolated from the family and how it kept passing on in the life of
Luling, where during the time of her aunties daughter she is revealed the identity
from where she comes from the womb of precious aunty who all her life she
thought her as a servant .lulling feels sorry for precious aunty when the
silence is broken to her but that her own mother is no more.

      This tells us that through incidents or
situations self realization takes place in our life slowly. It brings to our
notice that psychological background is been lacking in the development during
the life history of lulling.

     It brings how society was influenced in
the life of precious aunty where she was victimized and abandoned by her own family.
In order to protect the family from been given a bad name. From the Public
point of view we find out that the family was not ready to face hardship in
life and not ready to help precious aunty during this stressful time. They
punish Precious Aunty from separating her from her child. The author tells
us  how an innocent girl is punished The
author therefore bring forth the true identity of Luling mother It poses a
question of a single individual is unaware of 
her own identity how will she be able to tell the world where she
belongs to is  shown in this novel.

….Secret is the main
idea evolved in this story between each other that is not ready to share among
one another which lead to destruction and separation in the family.

       Every individual in this novel is being
faced by hurdles in different circumstances and is not ready to face or to
realize the mistake committed by them due to lack of concentration in their

Each individual in the
novel is being faced by problems in the society where they are suppressed and
are not allowed to voiced out because in the early generation. Women were not
allowed to share their problems to one another where they were suppressed by
their own relatives by lack of encouragement, affection in the family.

       Trustworthy was given importance to Ruth
who always believed Art for granted she was always committed towards his lies
which she believed to be truth. Art knowing that Ruth trust all his lies never
felt sorry for it till he undergoes a loss in his business  Life had thought him a lesson not to trust on
money but on human beings. The Trustworthy to human beings is  been lost in most part of the novel  Trustworthy to things was given more
importance in life that lead to temporary happiness.

       In Art’s behavior we find that Art his
misled by his own children  who are
going  in the wrong path He does not
spend time with his children  where it
show he lacks the responsibility in taking care of them rather than he spends
his whole life on business and on money that he treasures. It shows the society
of high class people where children lose their love and affectionate from their
parents. It gives us a clear picture of behaviourance Art that belongs to the
western culture.

Tradition is losing its cultural heritage day by day is shown in most of
the character

Where they become victims towards rape,
losing their ancestral jobs to some unknown

Stranger’s Mr. Change who shows that he
has more knowledge on tradition and try to put

Them down on streets easily. Sometimes
people prefer that tradition is most important

the family when it comes to marriage that they would not allow anyone into the

To be separated. But at circumstances
people are easily trapped by their words which they

Forget their principle they follow in
their life. They are unaware they are used for as a

span of time to earn money for business through dowry system. People are eager

Towards dowry system they do not see the
love and care of a person. People see the tradition

Especially if dowry is given to the
Bride’s family. They do not feel ashamed that he/she

 has taken

Hardships to earn than money in the
world among the society which is both good and bad.

Society had been corrupted all over through money bribing each other in
all fields

Of business that has lost its tradition
and culture. In early generation people saw their

work and the earning capacity in a person towards job. But in the present

The higher official see how much of
donation or funds are put in. People go in search

entrepreneur to start their own business but even at times people do not need

More than employee’s hairworms in
certain jobs.

This novel talks about western culture is been adopted by their children
where Ruth

Tries to bring them in the right way but children does not respect her
or treat her well.

They take a to be a care taker but not a
mother who has love for children. This happens

they see how Art (the father) behaves and inculcate his habits. We should

Be careful how we behave in front of
children because they have a grasping power and them

Learn things from the elders easily that
leads to bad habits not to respect anyone.

Respect for elders is lacking in most part of the elders in this novel
where it shows

How children disobey them who never give
a chance for them to tell why they are speaking

them?  They prefer disobeying them would
give them happiness and allow them to do

Whatever they want in their life.

           Gossip is the most elements used in
this novel .Gossip leads to many problems and issues.

 Not only for a single family, but also lead to
disturbance of the neighbors. People find out that

Through gossiping they are able to have
conversation and get friends easily and have huge

to share or to help them when they are in a problem. Gossip not only spoils

problems but even the society in making fun of others. People think gossip

The pleasure but it leads to separation
among the family there is no difference between

Gossip and rumors Rumors is passing a
false information to be true to others that spoils


In the time of Precious Aunty’s life we find that her own family gossip
among themselves of

What had taken place during the time she
was been raped they do not understand the pain of the

Person who had under gone that being a
victim within a short span of time which his going to

carried out all her life.

We can compare Precious Aunty with the story of “Scarlet Letter” by
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Where Helen is been cheated by her own
lover who leaves her and has received the punishment

Of carrying the letter of adultery all
her life where as we find here that Precious Aunty is been

Punished all her life being away from
her child and her granddaughter carrying the burden

Of pain within herself and had to live a
life of loneliness

     Ruth’s life is compared to the present
generation where people go in for living

Relationship rather than getting married and being happy but here it
shows like

How parents feel when they see their own
children suffering in a situation where they

Cannot help them because they feel it
would be strange to interfere into their life and

trouble for their children .We should follow the proverb”Think before you leap”

Before we go into a relationship we must
think the seriousness and what would happen not

Only for the society. But for the
benefit of themselves which may affect the future life.

People think that living relationship is like how high class society in
western culture. It is

Normal in their life and culture but it
is different from ours when it comes. In their culture

Parents would live far away from their
children and would not been during their time of

Marriage so it is hard for them to
correct their children at the maturity time .So it lacks the

Confidence in bringing their children in
the right path. Where here it talks how Art’s

Children’s behavior is that of the western
culture that leads to the stress and growth in

That leads to the artful stress for Art
to know his children’s change in culture.

Psychologically when we see that Art is not capable of handling is own
family where

He has to depend on someone. But when it
comes to Ruth thinking it to be her own family. 




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