Security advanced encryption codes to memorize credit card numbers,

in the IPhone Revolution


Imagine the safest and most
modern devices that could be created. Machines that are so high-tech that they
use as password the user’s face. Picture tools that require fingerprints to
authorize online purchases. Think if it is possible to have a wallet that uses
advanced encryption codes to memorize credit card numbers, avoiding any
possibility of identity theft. It could be a giant desktop computer placed in a
university at the Silicon Valley; however, the devices descripted are the new
cellphones released by Apple in 2017. The new mobile devices were named IPhone
X and IPhone 8. These products are the future brought to the present trough cellphones.

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According to the scientist Brian
Roemmele in his article for Forbes magazine, security was forever changed after
these Apple’s releases. He stated, “security and fast access, has driven Apple
to continue to invent and build … the new IPhone software will radically
change everything we thought we knew about authentication.” (Roemmele, 2017). Therefore,
since the creation of IPhone X and IPhone 8, whenever I have been reflecting
about cybersecurity, I feel that Apple’s effort affects any individual and also
governments. The company opened an easy way for individuals to protect themselves
from cyber-attacks, helping governments to lower their problems with hackers as

The general public might think
that the idea of changing the IPhone’s system for a most secure environment is
something new for Apple. Although, this goal was already aimed by Steve Jobs in
2008. In his article, Roemmele said that Jobs and Apple’s engineers were
working on the IPhone security since they found out that only a small
percentage of IPhone’s owners were using password in their phones (Roemmele,
2017). Back to the 2017 new products, it is possible to see that they have
features never seen in a portable device before, making these cellphones reach
the status of best mobile devices ever produced by Apple.

IPhone X and IPhone 8 new
attributes enable the user to safely store personal data such as fingerprints,
facial photos, and credit card numbers. Consequently, these phones will be able
to perform the tasks of face recognition, fingerprint scan and wireless method
of payment. These modifications will turn new IPhones more reliable and they
will make the customer feel more confident about trusting a mobile device to
store secure data. Fortunately, all of these modifications raise the protection
of personal data. The 21th century does not have space for weak computer
systems, and neither problems as identity theft or hackers’ attacks to

In this way, one of the new
IPhone attributes that is related to safety is a face recognition system called
Face ID. This mechanism uses the phone’s video camera in order to scan face’s attributes
in order to identity the user. According to the 2017 Face ID security guide, this
system enables the geometric mapping of a face as a key to unlock the phone
(Apple Inc., 2017). The security guide reveals that a sophisticated mechanism
as this one can be used for a wide range of tasks. However, Apple has decided
that Face ID will be used for unlocking the phone, and also to secure purchases
made with the device.

Apple spent 360 million
dollars in order to develop the new mechanism within the Face ID application only
in 2013 (Roemmele, 2017). This massive investment shows an effort that
contracts to a total inactivity from the Android systems developers about cybersecurity.

The New York Times journalist Matt Apuzzo wrote an article about a shocking Android’s
data theft done by a Chinese company. According to the article, this company
preset a software in more than 700 million American Android phones in order to send
personal data to China (Apuzzo, 2016). Google, Android’s developer, simply told
the Chinese company to remove their spywares, and not further punishment, nor
security improvement was done as response to this attack.


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