Secure will get to the company and be reporting

Secure networking should guarantee that the network is present to perform its prearranged task by securing it from attacks instigating inside and outside the organization.

Conventional reasoning likens this to a modest bunch of necessities, including user authentication, user device protection, and point results. Nonetheless, the move to union, together with more prominent workforce versatility, opens systems to new vulnerabilities, as any associated client can possibly assault the system.

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 We should use an outstanding application traffic should be placed across our network, to avoid such a threat to intellectual property and private data. And also, we need to secure the underlying infrastructure against service interruption and service theft (which is an unauthorized user using network bandwidth, an authorized user using not permitted services).

 Many organization only focus on preventing the application traffic, Organization hardly any put adequate foundation center past point solutions as firewalls. To secure the entire network, security must be provided in all layers and complete networking life cycle.

he /she should train the employees of the company not to take spam calls and not give company information to any individual unknown person give information about spam calls if they receive send it to appropriate department so spam calls will be identified in future no spam calls will get to the company and be reporting suspicious activity to the security department and no personal emails  access in the company systems try to open blogs cookies will be catcher  by hackers will be able to get data on the company systems and company would be able to configure access only for the keys that correspond to particular software is approved by the company use spam filter for email server and protect data securely and avoid printing confidential information of the company on papers 

In the company security team is responsible for securing employees and company data and use proper firewalls to secure network from hackers ,In the physical security will be done by guards but network security should by security department and employees should trust each other so everyone knows password of every system in the company and employs should download anything from internet hackers will be getting data when such things happen immediately close the webpage and clean the virus that attached the system by using some malware software’s.


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