School Uniforms

School Uniforms? NO THANK YOU!
Written By: Katherine Mirne

Students are dreadfully walking through the halls of their school, feeling and looking unhappy. They scratch at their irritating collars and stare at how tacky they look through the windows of their school. They sigh…none of this would have happened if they didn’t have to wear school uniforms! School uniforms are unnecessary, ugly, and itchy. It is truly hideous and I don’t like it. People hate it and it is about time everybody realized that the dress code policy is unacceptable. I believe that no one should be wearing school uniforms. Uniforms are very, very, very, very awful! First, uniforms are not comfortable for all bodies. Also, uniforms are extremely ugly, lastly, uniforms do not let students express their personality.

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To start, no child whatsoever should have to wear school uniforms because uniforms are not comfortable for all body types. First, girls and boys have to wear shirts tucked into school. Sometimes I have to go to fancy events and I have to wear my shirt tucked in and it is really irritating! I can’t envision wearing that same tucked in shirt every single day to school! In the text “What Do Students Think About School Uniforms?” it states,”Some students feel that these clothing styles aren’t very flattering to certain body styles, and they increase students’ feelings of insecurity.” This shows that students think uniforms are uncomfortable and they do not enjoy wearing them. I know if I had to wear school uniforms, I would definitely not be thrilled. Collars are also very itchy. I try wearing collar shirts, but sometimes they are too itchy to even wear. I can’t imagine wearing that every day! Also, leggings and tights can be itchy and constricting. Additionally, not all girls enjoy wearing skirts and feel comfortable wearing them. There you have it, uniforms are not comfortable and that is NOT up for debate!

Secondly, no child should dress in school uniforms because they are ugly. This may sound like a stupid and a vacant reason, but I can support that. In the text “What Do Students Think About School Uniforms?” it states, “They don’t follow any of the current fashion trends, and many uniforms have been essentially the same for generations.”
This explains that students aren’t allowed to wear things such as cold shoulder tops, flowers, and headbands. Wearing school uniforms are as bad as wearing ugly Christmas Sweaters. My friend has to wear a school uniform and she does not like the way it looks and it doesn’t include some fashion trends like I said before. Moving on, normally, colors in school uniforms include gray, blue, brown, and black. As opposed to wearing nice bright colors such as pink, green, yellow, red, and purple, students are forced into wearing dull colors. Gray, blue, brown, and black are all dreary colors and they take the brightness out of students. Seeing bright colors such as pink, green, yellow, red, and purple are “happy” colors and they might make someone’s day. Additionally, school uniform styles usually clash like two unhappy siblings quarreling. Furthermore, pants are baggy and tucked in shirts look dreadful. School uniforms are truly fabulous, aren’t they? Don’t ask, that was extreme sarcasm. Don’t be fooled and think uniforms are snuggly because they look dreadful and they are really ugly.

Ultimately, no one should wear school uniforms because uniforms do not let students express their personality through their clothes. I know that I like to wear pink to school because that is my favorite color. When students have to wear a school uniform they are not even allowed to do that! In the video “Are Uniforms Good or Bad” it says, “People choose their own clothes that effect their own personality and forcing students to all wear the same clothes takes away that basic ability.” This means that some students like to show their personality and I’m pretty sure wearing uniforms doesn’t help with that. Not to mention that if you see a kid wearing a sports team, movie, or a hobby on an article of clothing, you might relate and if you do you might become friends with them. For example, I have a friend who likes the store Justice and how I met her is I saw her wearing a shirt from there and I walked over to her and started talking about Justice. If I wore a school uniform none of this would have ever happened. In the text “Fashion Do or Don’t?” it states, “A uniform requirement violates, or disregards, the right to freedom of expression, say some people. That right is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” Which means that it says it right there in the laws that you have the freedom to have expression. It’s not breaking a law, but nevertheless, students should have the freedom to wear whatever they want. If you look at some clothes with personality, you might see some individuality.

On the other hand, school uniforms are good for students because kids take a long time choosing their clothes for school. I know it takes me about fifteen minutes to choose my clothes every day. In the video “Are Uniforms Good or Bad” it tells me,”I think that school uniforms are good for students because they save time in the morning.” I understand that parents think kids spend too much time picking out clothes because students want to look “fashion forward,” but I have a solution. Parents could set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and kids could get dressed in under that time limit. If they do, the child could earn a reward. Another way of going about this is the child or children could choose out their clothes the night before. Just doing that saves time, instead of wearing uniforms that are a crime!

To conclude, school uniforms should not be worn by students in school. School uniforms are immensely unnecessary because they are uncomfortable. Furthermore, they are ugly, and they limit the students’ self-expression clothes wise. School is where students spend about 6-7 hours of their day. Therefore, students should enjoy what they are wearing to school. Obviously, students would not be happy wearing a school uniform to school, they would prefer expressing themselves through their own clothing. Without school uniforms, the world would be like a bucket of rainbows, puppies, unicorns and cotton candy. I urge you to do something about these uniforms because they are RUINING society.


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