Schindler’s what they are talking about. Most of the

Schindler’s List or Schindler’s Ark should be banned for multiple
reasons. One of the biggest reasons it should be banned is that the book
promoted Jewish sympathy.  In the country of Lebanon Schindler’s List is
unacceptable for this reason alone.  “He Rabbi Menasha Levaartov was one of those men who, even
in the years of peace, would have advised his congregation that while God may
well be honored by the inflexibility of the pious, he might also be honored by the
flexibility of the sensible”(Keneally 235). The Muslim government of Lebanon said the book was a way of
asking for sympathy for the Jewish people.  Other Islamic countries banned
the book for the same reason. In Malaysia the book was challenged for nudity
and graphic violence and for being a sample of Jewish Propaganda.  Another reason that the
book should be challenged is because it isn’t 100% historically correct.
 The book is told almost completely through eyewitness accounts.  Since it is told like
this, not all of the people who told the book are completely accurate in what
they are talking about.  Most of the accounts are from Jews.  Jews
during this time in history were not aware of what else was going on in the war
as much as other people were.  Also as time went on people learned more
about what happened during the war.  Things that when this book was being
written people did not know.  Another really big reason that it should be
banned is the fact that the story’s main character is a bad influence.
 Oskar Schindler was a chain smoker and “had become a reckless drinker and believed he held his liquor with
an ease he had not known in his youth. Again like Oskar, he never suffered the
hangovers he deserved. He thanked his hardworking kidneys for this benefit”(Keneally 112). He also had several affairs and was a womanizer.
 Oskar was also once a spy for the Czech Republic.  He went to prison
for war crimes, and was actually in jail when the lists were being written.
 At first he only “hired” Jews because he didn’t have to
pay them for working.  He was a greedy man who only thought of himself.
 In fact Schindler was part of the Nazi Party.  The book also has
numerous acts of drinking, smoking, cussing, and of course death.  There
are countless scenes of mistreatment of Jews and torture and death.  The
Jews aren’t treated as human beings.  The book describes some Jews as
being naked and randomly being killed.  All of this violence and nudity
was another reason why it should be banned. 


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