Roper, Logan and Tierney’s Theory

= Nancy Roper, Win Logan and Alison Tierney are founder of Roper, Logan and Tierney’s Theory in 1980. They introduce the key words like Model of nursing, Nurse Education, Individualising nursing which was the sparkling evolution in nursing theory. They have also written a book about the concept of nursing and titled their first book “Elements of Nursing” in 1980. Ideas that appeared to be progressive at that point are presently underestimated: customized care; correspondence and patient decision; understanding the social, political and social setting of consideration; or more all nursing had a particular and autonomous commitment similarly as imperative as the doctor’s. Often the theory of nursing were complicated which was dismissed and forget by the public, but Roper, Logan and Tierney’s Theory was clear, simple term was used, true sense and evidence based. It is highly relevant to practice and still managing to cover the complexity of people’s life. According to the theory, biological, psychological, environmental, socio-cultural and politico-economic are the factors that affect the patient’s activity of daily living. (Salvage, J., 2006).
The goal of this theory is to help people to cope and prevent the issue associated with their activities of living. It has main five concepts.
1. “Activities of living
= The 12 activities of living are:

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* Breathing
* Maintaining a safe environment

* Communicating
* Eating and drinking
* Eliminating
* Personal cleansing and dressing
* Controlling body temperature
* Working and playing
* Mobilising
* Sleeping
* Expressing sexuality
* Dying

2. Factors affecting activities of living
3. Life span
4. Dependence-independence
5. The nursing process” (Koutoukidis, Stainton, Hughson, 2017).
This theory accept the concept that our Activity of Daily Living (ADL’s) should not be consider as only written form or checklist it should be used as a cognitive assessment of a patient which will guide a nurse and organisation to provide holistic care to their patient. It also involves the assessment of patient independence. By this concept the nurse can identify their patients whether they are dependent or independent to do their activity of daily living which will direct nurses to develop nursing care plans according to their needs. (Nursing Theory)


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