Retail uses the minimalist approach to design his retail

Retail space arrangement and design
is an important feature in promoting the sale of a given line of fashion design
(Han, 2003, p15). Giorgio Armani uses the minimalist approach to design his
retail outlet. These retail stores are characterized by unique entrances,
marble tiles and gold painted walls and seats that create a comfortable
environment for the clients. Furthermore, he uses natural light to enhance the
beauty of his retail space. The minimalist architecture which was designed by
his lead architect Claudio Silvestrin aims at using simple natural elements to
create an outstanding shopping experience.

On the other hand, Prada approach
to retail space design is exactly opposite of what we see in the stores owned
by Armani. Prada embraces modernity in the design of his retail store and
combines various elements to innovate a classy outlook within the store.
Koolhaas is one of the leading architects that have worked with Prada to
develop different fashion stores across the globe. Koolhaas uses complex and
high-end products to craft a world-class shopping experience when designing the
retail store in New York. Through the combination of various technologies, the
architect can design new and improve outlet that meets the need of the clients.
However, Koolhaas design has some flaws including inadequate lighting and waste
of retail space. Despite these negative elements, Koolhaas can develop a
world-class retail shop that portrays an image of beauty and luxury on the
minds of the client.

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The primary aim behind the design
of retail shops should focus on improving customer experience and ensuring each
customer is well taken care of from the time they enter the store to the time
they depart (Pecoraro and Uusitalo, 2014, p450). Despite, the different
architectural styles, both Prada and Armani collaborate with architects to
create unique retail space that can leave outstanding memories on a client’s
mind. These two fashion experts invest time, money and resources in developing
and innovating new retail store designs that improve the customer experience.
By improving the customer experience, the company can record high sales through
customer loyalty, impulse buying and the introduction of new clients. It is,
therefore, vital for fashion designers to collaborate with architects and
artists when designing their retail spaces as this move helps create a long
lasting shopping experience for a customer’s mind.


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