Recently, Wireless Body Area Sensor Network (WBASN) very popular in monitoring patients’ health condition. Through WBASN, the quality of life of human can be improved. The advancement of technology in electronic device sensor and portable batteries led to the development of WBAN. WBAN operate directly and automatically connect to medical device and sensor. Data is transmitted via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and others. The process of sending information wirelessly through internet which is then forwarded to the doctor is very fast and more accurate. Thus the collection and analysis of the patients’ data can be carried out in a better and easier way. This will help to ensure the health of patients.
The smart shirt is cloth made from smart fabric and it is like a wearable motherboard that allows the monitoring of various signals of the user such as heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, body posture and others. Georgia Tech wearable motherboard (GTWM) is one of the earliest smart clothing, which it began from the fund project of US Navy in the year 1996. The human physiological data is collected by the sensor on the smart clothing.
Other than that, another research is done by Harvard University which studies the developing of the pulse oximeter. The main function of the pulse oximeter is to measures the oxygen saturation levels (SpO_2) in an individual’s blood. It also can detect the changes in blood volume in the skin of the individual. Anliker have designed a pulse oximeter sensor as a part of wearable multiparameter medical monitoring and alert system called AMON (advanced care and alert portable telemedical monitor. 1
In short, WBASN is designed to make better medical progress and easier to obtain patients data in very fast mode operation in order displaying the correct data measurement. Therefore, this can reduce the time taken for checking patients and also can improve quality of work of the doctor. The smart shirt is already a commercial product being developed by several companies which help to improve the patient health and quality of life. It has potential to improve the healthcare service.


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