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System Works Without Electricity?

skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons.



Cooling System Works Without


In the article, “Cooling System Works Without Electricity” reveals about the research of
cooling water without electricity by giving excess heat where it won’t notice in space. The specialized
optical surface develops. It looks like a regular roof which includes a high-tech mirror-like optical surface that
could be the future of lower-energy air conditioning and refrigeration.  Optical surface system help in flowing water
to a temperature below that of the surrounding air. It provides for the first
time a high precision technology demonstration of how you can use radiative sky
cooling to passively cool a fluid which connects with the cooling systems to
save electricity.


Next, the research is founded about testing and
commercializing this technology. Radiative sky cooling is known as natural
process. Usually it releases the heat from the molecules. If something cold is
present for instance space and then heat is disappearing with the effect of
coldness you can cool it without any electricity or work. The result concludes
that “the amount of heat flow off Earth that
goes to the universe is enormous.” As we know our bodies also release heat this
mainly happens due to the radiative cooling to the surroundings and sky. But
when it is cool sunny day then it is not going to live up to its name.


However, without heat from sunlight, the radiative sky
cooling effect can enable cooling below the air temperature on a sunny day.

Different experiments conducted which show that in summer months, the
panel-cooled system would save 14.3 megawatt-hours of electricity which can
reduce the power used to cool the building. The future for these SkyCool
systems measures the energy saved when panels integrated with traditional air
conditioning and refrigeration at a test facility. The concept of radiative sky
cooling leads to the creation of an efficiency-boosting coating for solar
cells. They also developed the cooling fabric as well. Overall Fan Goldstein
and Raman are very optimistic regarding this technology. Both the authors knew
that this discovery would bring the appreciable lesson.









Human skin cells transformed directly
into motor neurons.


In an article, “Human
skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons” reveals about the research of
converting human skin cells from healthy adults directly into motor neurons
without going through stem cell. Scientists discovered to form human skin cells
into other cell types, such as neurons. It has the potential to enhance and
understands about various disease. This lead to finding new ways for the
damaged tissues and organs which is known as regenerative medicine.


As we know nowadays, the new diseases
are developing rapidly. Scientists are finding the new ways through the
advanced technology to cure for disease. Next, in the research genetic
combination and information are used to find the cause and prevention. Some of
the microRNAs combination including microRNAs miR-9 and miR-124 for the genetic
material. After various experimentation with multiple combinations which added
two or more signals to mix forms factors called ISL1 and LHX3. It turned the
skin cells into spinal cord motor neurons.


Furthermore, another scientist
Louis attempted to convert skin cells from healthy adults directly into motor
neurons without going through a stem cell state. More importantly, it helps in
avoiding a stem cell state that allows the resulting motor neurons to retain
the age of original skin cells which also assumes the age of patient. Skin
diseases are developing increasingly which lead to practice the new development
of transforming motor neurons for the treatment.


In conclusion, the new research
helps in better understand the diseases of motor neurons. A different technique
of help in studying about motor neurons of human central nervous system. Neurons
are the basic unit of nervous system. Motor neurons function is to regulate the
neural and body response. Growing mouse and human motor neurons in the lab is a
new tool. Getting sample of neurons from humans is difficult rather than taking
skin samples. These techniques help in finding the disease more quickly with
the enhancement of the technology.

























University. “Cooling system works without
electricity.” ScienceDaily. Science Daily, 5
September 2017.


Washington University in
St. Louis. “Human skin cells transformed directly into motor
neurons.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7 September 2017   .












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