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Radha Gonsai 12/30/2017Synthesis Paper HHHP___________The role of young females in the novels, Beloved and  The Scarlet Letter, written by Toni Morrison and Nathaniel Hawthorne are important to the book because it adds depth to other characters. Beloved and Denver are two young adults in Beloved, and Pearl is the child of Hester Prynne in the novel Scarlet Letter. Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale committed the crime of adultery together, and Pearl is the outcome of their mistakes. Pearl does not know that Dimmesdale is her father, and she lives with her mother in a cottage in the woods. Beloved is a spirit that takes the form as a young adult even though she acts like a baby, and Denver is one of Sethe’s children. Both, Beloved and Denver, live with Sethe in the house of Sethe’s mother-in-law, Baby Suggs.  In Beloved and in The Scarlet Letter, Denver, Beloved, and Pearl play important roles in the plot of the book, and discuss themes like innocence, family relationships, and also the way they have impacted the past and the present of their mother’s lives. In Beloved and in The Scarlet Letter, Beloved and Pearl show the reader they have an innocent characteristic. However, Denver begins as an innocent character, and has to quickly become a mature character in the book. In the book Beloved, Beloved is a spirit that was scared away when Paul D swang around a chair. Since Beloved wants to be in Sethe’s life, she came into the story as a young adult, so she could talk to Sethe. Beloved represents a baby because she came out of the water which represents a mother breaking water before she gives birth. Also, Sethe noticed that “Her skin was flawless except for three vertical scratches on her forehead so fine and thin they seemed at first like hair, baby hair before it bloomed and roped into the masses of black yarn under her hat” (62). Innocence is shown in Beloved because she has characteristics of a baby. For example, this quote shows that even though she is an adult she has baby like hair, and small and thin scratches or wrinkles on her forehead. Also, as a young adult Beloved should have thick black hair, but doesn’t because her spirit is as baby and took the form as a young adult. Innocence is shown in Beloved because she has characteristics of a baby. In The Scarlet Letter, Pearl’s only friend or company she has in her life is her mother. Since her mother is seen as an outcast, they live in the forest all by themselves. Pearl has lived her life in isolation, and also uses her imagination to create friends with the forest. Even though she has those imaginary friends, she still looks to her mother as her best friend. “And there was little Pearl, all this while, holding her mother’s hand in both her own, and turning her face upward, while she put these searching questions, once and again, and still a third time” (149). Innocence is shown just in the description of Pearl. The author describes her as ‘little Pearl’ this shows innocence because something that is little cannot harm anything. Also, innocence is shown because she looks to her mother for answers because the harsh things in the world Pearl can’t seem to grasp the idea of it. Pearl may be isolated in her own world, but she doesn’t see isolation as a bad thing in her life, and she enjoys living with just her mother in her life. Pearl may not see the bad things in live, however, Denver from Beloved, does. Denver is the child of Sethe and has been told many stories of Sethe’s past. Denver is seen as a child in the beginning of the book, however, she is forced to quickly mature. When Paul D came to the house, Denver was coming down the stairs, and he believed “Every sense he had told him the air above the stairwell was charmed and very thin. But the girl who walked down out of that air was round and brown with the face of an alert doll” (13). Denver is seen as innocent by the reader because the author, Toni Morrison, described her as a ‘doll’ Denver is not alike to Pearl because even though they are both seen as innocent, the author tries to show that Denver has a side of being on edge, and an example of that is when Paul D walked into the room. When Beloved came to the house, Denver took the responsibility of taking care of Beloved without even being asked by Sethe. “She smiled then and Denver’s heart stopped bouncing and sat down- relieved and easeful like a traveler who made home” (66). This shows that Denver has a ‘mother’ side of her. The quote shows that she was worried about Beloved’s health and calmed down when she noticed that Beloved was happy and well. Denver quickly becomes mature in Beloved as she takes care of Beloved and also realizes reality. All three girls show a side of innocence, however Beloved and Pearl are displayed as more innocent characters than Denver by the authors. Throughout Beloved and The Scarlet Letter, all three girls are shown as caring and affectionate characters towards their mothers. However, Denver slowly becomes a lone wolf as new people arrive at the house. As a spirit, Beloved’s entire reason to coming to the house as a human figure is for Sethe. Beloved believes that she needs revenge but also will try to ruin any of Sethe’s other relationships if they come in the way of her relationship with Sethe. Beloved even said to Denver, “She is the one. She is the one I need. You can go but she is the one I have to have” (89). Beloved says this to Denver, when Denver figures out why Beloved is really at the house. Denver tries to help Beloved, but Beloved chooses to shut down her offer and instead shows the full meaning to her intentions. Also, Sethe shows affection to both Denver and Beloved, and treats Beloved as if she was her own. A good example of when Sethe shows the readers that she tries to be a good mother is when she was going to tell them a story in the woods, but it was getting chilly so “She put on a shawl and told Denver and Beloved to do likewise” (105). Sethe makes sure that they aren’t cold because she cares for their well being the way any mother would. Sethe may try to be a good mother, but it doesn’t always work. When Paul D came to the house, it was hard for Denver to adjust to a new person getting attention other than herself. Denver didn’t like that Paul D was at the house, and wanted him to leave as soon as he could. “Denver ran a mighty interference and on the third day flat-out asked Paul D how long he was going to hang around” (53). Denver could not handle the idea of someone else being in the house, and almost messed things up between Sethe and Paul D. This shows that Sethe may not have accounted for the way Denver was going to react with someone else in the house, but when Paul D had told Sethe about the way she is bringing up Denver she quickly defended her daughter. After Paul D was somewhat accepted into the family, Paul D tried to show Denver that he is going to be supportive and try to be there for her. “Sethe, if I’m here with you, with Denver, you can go anywhere you want” (55). This shows that Paul D wants to be part of the family, and he doesn’t want to push his way into a position that no one wants him to be. He wants to show that he will try to do anything to make them feel accepted into the society Sethe pushed herself away from. Denver and Pearl are similar because in both novels both of these girls didn’t ever have a fatherly figure, and both of them weren’t used to having the attention stolen by other people. Pearl didn’t want to spend time with Dimmesdale and made it very obvious to her mother too. “Pearl would show no favor to the clergyman. It was only by an exertion of force that her mother brought her up to him” (175). This shows that Pearl wasn’t willing to try to get to know Dimmesdale. Hester Prynne had to try very hard to get Pearl to talk to Dimmesdale, but by the end of the book Pearl understood that she may have to accomodate for someone else in her mother’s life. The mother relation between Hester and Pearl is very strong, but Hester feels guilty for the life Pearl has to go through because of her mistakes. “-the effluence of her mother’s lawless passion- and often impelled Hester to ask, in bitterness of heart, whether it were for ill or good that the poor little creature had been born at all” (78). Hester doesn’t know if the life for Pearl is good or not. Hester always questions her action that caused Pearl to be born, and feels like a selfish person for not thinking about the future she was going to make for Pearl. Hester may not feel like a good mother, but she will always love Pearl and will do anything for her. Pearl and Denver didn’t have a father figure but still made accommodations for when their mothers tried to move on from their past. However Beloved liked to make sure that Sethe always remembered her past. Both Pearl and Beloved have affected their mother’s lives. However, all three girls,  affect their mother’s lives in the present. Since Beloved was a spirit, she was there during Sethe’s past. Sethe did not know that Beloved knew about her past even though Beloved asked questions that only people would know if there were with Sethe in that period of her life.  “The questions Beloved asked: ‘Where are your diamonds?’ ‘Your woman she never fix up your hair?’And most perplexing: Tell me your earrings. How did she know?” (75). No one knew about the gift Sethe’s slave owner gave her when she got married except for Halle. So, when Beloved asked about her diamond earrings, it made Sethe talk about her past to both Denver and Beloved. Denver is one of the characters that has been affected the most from Sethe’s present. Denver has had to adapt to the changes of living with just her mother, and in the present Denver has had to accommodate to the change of others living in her house. However, Denver’s name reminds Sethe a lot about her past. “She’s never gonna know who I am. You gonna tell her? Who brought her into this world?’… ‘That’s pretty. Denver. Real pretty” (100). This shows that Amy was a very important figure to Sethe because she helped give birth to Denver. However, Sethe wanted to make sure that Amy was never forgotten, so she decided to name Denver, Denver. Pearl has affected Hester’s past and her present. Hester worried that Pearl would be seen as an outcast and would never get married. However, ” Pearl-the elf child,- the demon offspring, as some people, up to that epoch, persisted in considering her- become the richest heiress of her day, in the New World” (213). This quote shows that even though  Pearl was seen as a ‘demon child’, she is considered one of the richest people in the New World. The reason why her life took a change in direction is because Chillingworth was seen as the evil human after he purposely sabotaged Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne’s relationship. Chillingworth was soon seen as the devil, and Hester and Pearl were forgiven by society. After that, Pearl lived happily with her husband, and her family issue was resolved. All the female characters in Beloved and in The Scarlet Letter have affected their mother’s lives. All three girls, Denver, Beloved, and Pearl, have had to deal with hardships. However, their mothers were there with them through it all. All of these girls have dealt with the absence of a fatherly figure and being seen as an outcast. Denver has had to become mature, but Pearl and Beloved have been seen as innocent children in the book.  In conclusion, all of these girls have similar but mostly different lives, but they all deal with the same hardships as each other.


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