Question 2 Ans- COST- The cost is an important aspect of any organization

Question 2
COST- The cost is an important aspect of any organization. Though long ridge gliding club is a non-profit organization, they need operation cost and maintenance cost that can run their business. It can be seen from the case that club charges casual flyers £70 per flight and for club members, it is £350 per annum. They spend £10000 a year on maintenance which used to upgrade gliders and other facilities. This fee is quite reasonable and cheap as members point of view.
Flexibility- Flexibility is an essential factor as far as members are concerned. The club should have assigned flexible time slots for members and casual flyers in order to reduce the waiting time. Club members hope to have 3 flights on a good day. On the other hand, casual members want to fly as soon as they pay the fees so everyone should be flexible to adjust the situation. From the case study, it seems that club failed to satisfy club members because of complaints received from members.
Safety- Safety is a main concern and service expected by all members. They expect good maintenance of the machine, Provision of extra equipment and medical facility in case of emergency. The club provides all these facilities along with insurance in case a fatal accident occurs.
Dependability- Dependability is availability, a reliability of an organization to provide any service that can be trusted. As far as casual flyers are concerned, they receive a dependable service and club members do not get to fly on a good day as much as they want and have to help casual flyers to get airborne.
Quality- Quality comprises quality of services, Product quality and facilities provided by the club and it should be a cardinal priority for the club to stay business. Here in this case speed and the safety is related to quality. To improve quality club should be get rid of long waiting ques and should provide safety to gliders. When compared to club members, casual flyers should also get other facilities such as some mediums of entertainment.
Question 3
I. As far as club members are concerned chairman should allow less number of casual flyers as club members do not get much time to fly and sometimes they have to help casual flyers, the chairman is supposed to apply this strategy to satisfy club members as maximum income comes from them when compared to casual flyers.
II. To make casual flyers happy, the chairman should provide different facilities to them such as bars, restaurant, café, gaming zones etc. as a part of an entertainment and should charge these facilities to grow their business.
III. Another thing chairman is supposed to provide advanced air-conditioned room near launch point so if all the members had to wait more than 30mins that would not make them disappoint. A digital system that would give specific token numbers for each member waiting in the queue and when the number comes of a certain member it would be displayed it on the screen and member would get ready to fly.
IV. Most important thing chairman should not have overlooked is a location of the office. Location the office and the car park should be near the launch point as the distance is quite far (1.5km) so casual flyers would not have to go to all the way from office cabin to launch point.
V. The Chairman should have assigned separate times slots for club members and the casual flyers so as to satisfy everyone.


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