Q 1 In today’s economy

Q 1
In today’s economy, one of the toughest challenges facing many leaders in organizations is the challenge of managing the rapid speed of change. With the advancement in technology, change has become a daily part of an organization and the ones feeling this pressure are the leaders as they work hard to bring support to this change. Regardless of the impact that comes with the change, there has to be resistance from the people and this can cripple the whole organization.

In order to do away with the resistance, Lewin came up with phases that could be applied so that to overcome these changes. To start with, he suggested the unfreezing phase which would target forces concerning with challenges of maintaining the status quo and also inject a positive mind to people.

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Another way was through changing to a new state where he asked people to come up with new attitudes, new values and behaviors which would affect structural and process or running an organization unlike previous
The need to freeze and make the changes permanent is another way of dealing with the resistance to change since it ensures focusing ahead.
Q 2.


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