PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN SrA ADAM STEINMETZ 24 Oct 2018 Part I Personal Values Something that I believe is imperative in establishing any plan for ones future

PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN SrA ADAM STEINMETZ 24 Oct 2018 Part I Personal Values Something that I believe is imperative in establishing any plan for ones future, is to first determine what your personal values are, so that you can ensure that your development is on track with whats most important to you. My personal values, in order of importance are loyalty, trust, compassion, respect, and creativity. Loyalty is important to me because it means that the people I work with and my family and friends will be there for me no matter what. Loyalty is about following someone, because you feel that theyre worthy of your support. If I can have that support from my future Airmen, then I will be a stronger leader. I also feel that you cant be a real friend without loyalty, so thats what I look for in my closest friends. Similarly, I value trust, because without it everything is more difficult. If I cant trust my Airmen and they cant trust me, then we will constantly be battling. I need them to trust that my decisions are for the betterment of all of us, as well as the mission, and I need to be able to trust them to follow my orders and carry out whats necessary. I need to be able to trust my friends to be there when I need them most, and my family to be able to carry on and do what needs to be done when Im away or unable to. Also important is compassion, because without compassion I dont feel you can be a good leader or person. I need to remember that my Airmen, and everyone I work and associate with in my life are just human. Humans face challenges, they make mistakes, they have bad days, and they get emotional. Compassion will make sure that I not only take care of the mental and physical well being of my people, but also that I personally remember that I have a family out there too that needs me. The next important personal value is respect. Respect is a two-way street, you get what you give. I am always looking for respect from the people around me, so I make sure that its what I give to them. A leader who doesnt show respect wont get it in return, which will hinder his success. The same goes for all relationships in life. And lastly, creativity. The ability to look at a situation from a new way, or to express yourself in different forums is very important to me. Thinking outside the box and allowing my Airmen to do the same, will ensure that were not always stuck in a rut. It will ensure that were constantly improving and coming up with solutions and new ways to fix problems. It will also keep life in general more interesting, especially as I personally have always enjoyed art as a form to express my creativity. I hope to employ all of these personal values as I continue in my personal and professional future. Part II Leadership Vision Statement The type of leader that I want to be, comes from my personal values. Loyalty, trust, compassion, respect, and creativity all paint the picture of a respectful and caring leader. I want to be a kind of mentor for my Airmen, guiding them through the beginning of their careers, and setting them up for their futures. I feel that I personally didnt get enough guidance, which has led to a bit of a set back in my career, and I want to learn from that mistake and correct it with my future Airmen. To do this, I want to make it so that they understand the decisions that Im making, and not just bark orders at them. I want to pull their potential from them, and not just stick them in a job thats easy. I feel that if I do this with compassion, respect, and creativity, they will show me loyalty and trust in return. I hope to create a group of Airmen that will be fully prepared to make the transition into NCO when the time comes. To accomplish this I will have them participate in the writing of their bullets so that they understand how its done. I will also have them contribute anytime I write an decoration citation, and EPR, and even an LOC can be a learning situation. One thing that will also be especially important to becoming the type of leader that I hope to be, is communication and feedback. I will make the most out of the required feedback sessions, and even go above and beyond that to ensure that I know whats going on in my Airmens lives, and that they know whats happening with their careers and progression. I wont wait until a problem has become out of hand, but rather I will tackle problems as they approach and deal with them head on, for the betterment of us all, and to hopefully correct the course that the Airman is on. This is the type of leader that I hope to be, and will work towards everyday. Part III Strengths and Improvement Areas The Airman Leadership School has been great opportunity for self reflection and learning about myself. One thing that Ive come to terms with is my own strengths and areas that need some improvement. Compassion is definitely something that I consider one of my strengths. I am always quick to look at a situation and assess how it will affect the lives of others. I feel that this will also strengthen me as a leader to my Airmen. My dedication is another of my strengths. When I have a job to do, I am fully committed to accomplishing it, and to the best of my ability. I am also dedicated to my people, and will never fail to be there for my Airmen when they need me. I also consider knowledge a strength that I possess. When I have a job to do, I learn everything that I can in order to accomplish the task. I know my job well, inside and out, and I value that knowledge. This enables me to help others when its needed, as well as myself. I will also use my strength of knowledge to not only help my Airmen, but also to make sure I know all that I can about them as well, in order to better lead them. I also have a few improvement areas that Id like to work on in the future. Although I consider my compassion a strength because it enables me to help others, I know that it is also a weakness at times. It leads me to sometimes fail to be as strict as I need to be, because I dont want anyone to get in trouble or make anyones life more difficult. It also makes it so that I take on more work than I should, in order to help others. Which leads me to my next area of improvement, which is delegation. I often fail to delegate work to others so that the work load is evenly spread out, and instead prefer to do everything myself to ensure that it is done, and done correctly. I need to learn to let others do their part as well, so that we can all learn and grow. Lastly, I consider my overconfidence to be an area in which needs improvement. When I feel that I know something, I can be a bit pushy about it, and this can come off as rude at times, although I dont mean to ever be anything but respectful. I hope to learn how to share information with others, and even sometimes learn when it might be best for me to keep my opinions, thoughts, and even knowledge to myself. Part IV Development Action Plan I have several goals for myself that I would like to accomplish in order to aid my development over the next three to five years. I would like to work on my improvement areas, to become a more successful leader. To improve my issues with delegation and being too compassionate, I will begin this right away when I get back to my work place. I work in the tool room, and I will have to start trusting others to run some of the programs and prepare for inspections so that Im not doing everything. I will ask for help when the workload is more than I alone can handle, and trust that if it is too much of an inconvenience for them that they will tell me. My goal is to have someone else in the tool room take over at least one program by the next quarter, and to have someone do half the work in preparing for the next inspection. I will also stay within the confines of my job in the tool room, and not try to get involved with the work of the crews when they are out. For my last area of improvement, overconfidence, I will work on my communication skills. I have already started this by learning about communication in class at Airman Leadership School, but I will continue to hone these skills by getting involved in The 5/6 Club when I get promoted to Staff Sergeant, so that I can practice discussing ideas in a group environment. If I can learn to share my thoughts and knowledge respectfully, I will be able to gain a leadership role in the organization by the time I reach Tech Sergeant, which I hope to reach within five years. I also want to continue working on my strengths, and using them to be a successful leader. By joining organizations such as The 5/6 Club, I should be able to better show my dedication to the betterment of the Air Force and its members. I also hope to become more knowledgeable at my job. To accomplish this, I will be asking my Supervision if in the next year I could get a shop change. This will give me a chance to train someone new in my position, and then for me to leave the support section of AMMO and learn more of the hands on jobs, to be proficient in a new area within the next 3 years. This will help me to become a more well rounded and useful member of my squadron. I can also further my compassion by becoming a sponsor to incoming Airmen and their families. Helping and getting to know the newest people of my squadron will hopefully help me to become a friendly face that people know that they can come to and trust when they need help. I would like to have my first new Airmen to sponsor within the next year. Another one of my biggest goals is that I would like to complete my Associates Degree from the Community College of the Air Force. I have been slowly working on this goal for the last year, and will hopefully accomplish it within the next two years. Following the completion of my Associates, I would like to go on to acquire a Bachelors Degree in Teaching in the next five years. I feel that all of my strengths, and when I improve my weaker areas, will contribute to making me a successful teacher in or out of the military. I feel that all of my future plans for the next three to five years will assist in making me a better leader, as well as a better person. 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