Product Review: Galaxy S9, Samsung Introduction I can presumably

Product Review: Galaxy S9, Samsung


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I can presumably tell you for a
fact that the next phone to pick from your nearest retail store is the Galaxy
S9 Samsung phone. It is equipped with latest state-of-the art processor. In fact,
its chipset features is quite tempting for anyone looking forward to a 40
percent increase in any of his work bearing in mind it has a 2.9Ghz octa-core

Features and Benefits

A closer look at its GPU reveals
a plus 20 percent performance improvement on the account of the ARM Mali-G72
feature. For those lovers of video play back on VP9 codecs and HEVC platforms,
this is the best option.

In fact, one has a choice of
either a single adjustable aperture lens or a two super speed, 12MP camera fitted
with ISO F1.5 and ISO F2.4 sensors, on this phone. Its camera sensor allows
shooting a one thousand frames per second this is far above the standard rate
of 960 frames per second. It can make super or medium or slow motion videos
showing and capturing. In addition to that, it has a front-facing iris scanner
that ensures an autofocus on an 8MP selfie camera.

Further, its camera supports both
phase detection and dual pixel autofocus with an image resolution of 4,000 by
3,000 Pixels that allows a dual-color LED flash and a very wide angle for a
selfie. It is also fitted with Exmore-RS CMOS sensor to enhance autofocus and
continues video shooting modes.

With a 6.0 inch touchscreen,
multi-touch-super amoled display, this HDR screen with corning gorilla screen
glass version five will enhance clear view for every work you are doing, hence
increasing your productivity at any one given time. In fact, it will not drop
dead just in case a child slide it off the table.

 Also, it has a superb design. It has a feature
that enhances wireless charging for your phone and this means current charging
pads can be used too. It has a fingerprint reader mounted at the rear end. This
enhanced security feature makes your documents safe at least from unsuspecting

It has an internal storage
capacity of 64GB and its memory has expandable allowance of upto 256GB when
using a microSD card, what a powerful way to keep data on a moving platform and
unlimited access.

Indeed, you will be able to
charge the Li-ion battery very fast. This battery has a capacity of 3500 mAh
which can comfortably support Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 4G Edge bands, Glonas and the
latest v5.0 Bluetooth at 4G network.

Demerits for Galaxy S9

This Galaxy S9, does not support
user replaceability of the Lion battery. In addition to that, its Usb Typec
network connectivity arm doesn’t support any micro-USB.





 With an amazing Random Access memory of 6GB on
an octa core performance platform, this giant of a phone has also battery life
of almost 4 hours, and display of about 15 cm. All this features will make you
not want to put the phone down. Moreover, it has a proximity sensor, light
sensor, compass, gyroscope and light sensor, this features are meant to make
your day memorable.



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