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Privacy Policy
Institution of Affiliation

As said earlier, the business will deal with all the electrical appliances that it will sell to its customers in wholesale and retail. These appliances will include products like blow dry’s and electrical kettle among others. The business customers will include all the electrical retailers, individuals in need of any electrical appliance, other wholesalers and also electricians who have different duties in electrical products installation.
The main stakeholders in this business are the employees, creditors, the government, the suppliers supplying these electrical appliances, the business management and owners, and finally unions. We find that privacy in any business is very important as it allow an individual or a company work without any disturbances from the environment, other individuals and also other companies. For this reason, privacy is found to affect or even improve the business growth and development. The important of privacy in this business is to satisfy the customer’s needs. It is will also protect the business assets, liabilities and facilities. Finally, it will protect the individuality of the stakeholders, customers and employees in the business. As we have heard recently, we have found many other businesses facing challenges when it comes to privacy. This has therefore caused a lot of insecurities on those businesses. As a result of this issue, it is therefore important to introduce policies governing the business privacy. As a fact, in the modern world technology has ruled the world and most of our customers may decide to buy the goods that we are offering via the internet. At this point, it is therefore very important to introduce privacy policy and make it as a rule to every individual in the business to follow these policies strictly. It is therefore an essential act for all us to do according to what privacy policy states.
Policy Statements
Policy 1.1 policy statement section overview
1. The first privacy policy in the business is including the necessary personal information such as names, his/her addresses, credit card numbers among others.
2. All the staffs are required disclose all the private information about the business customers, stakeholders and any other person playing an important role in the business. At this point, children should not be given any chance to access this information at any given time. Children’s online protection act should therefore be followed strictly on this.
3. When a customer gives the staffs in the business permission to disclose his/her private information, then the business will do as required. At such a situation, the business will not have any explanation in case of any insecurity that the customer might face in future.
4. The information given in the business by the customers should only be used to carry out or perform whatever he/she only want. As a result of this, any staff who will be found using customers’ information for his/her benefit will face some charges from the business owners.
5. The private information given to the business will sometimes be used especially when the stakeholders and the government want to pass a message to any customer. This will be a very easy communication way as the business will send a message or even an email to the required customer only. Some of the message that can be communicated is on a seminar that can be essential to the customer.
6. As a privacy policy consideration, we will make use of a ‘cookie’. This will play a very important role in making sure that traffic analysis is done correctly. It will therefore help in tracking the visit time/date and when was the page viewed. This cookie will only be used by the individuals who are using the internet to buy or order the electrical appliances only.
7. All the staffs in all the departments are supposed to use all the physical ways, electronic and all the necessary procedure to make sure that they safeguard all the business assets and facilities. For this reason, they are not supposed to share any information regarding the business on the social media, with the business competitor and any other person that might cause insecurity in the business.
8. All the safeguards related to the business, staffs and involved people should comply to the business professional standards. This will help in the management of the business as well as its growth and development
9. The staffs are supposed to deliver all the goods and products on time to the customers. The business will therefore set up some rules and regulations to its customers regarding this issue. Regardless of how the customer has brought the good, whether via internet or visiting the business personally, his/her goods should be delivered on the right time. The staff should ensure that the goods are sealed correctly.
10. All the people involved in the business should observe all the codes of ethics and codes of conducts. As a result of this, they should therefore be able to respect, listen and obey each other’s instructions. This will play a very essential role in making sure that they respect each other’s privacy.
11. All the payments made by any customer should be through a credit card. As a result of this, he/she should ensure he follows all the policies that have been set by PCI DSS.
Policy 1.2 policy statement contents
As one of the employee expectation, all the necessary privacy should be available. At this point, all the employees information should be protected as stated and required in the Data Protection Directive. We find thing this act was adopted by European Union and used it in regulating and processing all its employee personal data. This act focuses on protecting personal data (
The Fair Trading Act will help in protecting the customers from different deceptive practices. As one of the privacy policy in the business, professional standards should be observed according. At this point, this act will play a very essential role in making sure all the standards related to the customers’ are observed (
Any payment should be done by use of credit cards. This will help the business in accepting, processing and storing the information on the credit card to maintain an environment that is safe for every customer. At this point, the business will use the payment card industry data security standard to ensure that all the credit cards are branded (
The employees security should also be enhance in the business. To ensure that this is done in the right manner, the business will use personal data protection policy. This will therefore help in coordinating how the ACE carries out collection of personal data and how it retains it (
All those customers buying goods via the internet will be supposed to use PII laws. These laws in the business will be very essential in making sure that the customer or even the staff uses information that will make it easier for her/him being identified. In short this means the use of personal information identifiable laws.

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Policy 1.3 comprehensive policy statements
All the employees in the business will be expected to submit a medical report to the business owners after every six months. As a result of this, the business is supposed to observe PHI laws as stated. This is where the business discloses all its employee medical reports as a HIPAA requirement in the business. The other law is that the business management should respect the personal information given to them by the employees as use it to identify them. The General Data Protection Regulation should also be used in the business. It will be used to protect all the information that the customers and employees have given.

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