Precista Tools is a two generation international company founded

Precista Tools is a two generation international
company founded by Franz Huebel. The company main focus is to make the precision
tools and export them. So far they have been a very successful business.
However, when reading the case, we can clearly see that some problems are
starting to emerge. Mr. Huebel doesn’t want to give up some of his power which
causes tension between him and his coworkers and most importantly with his daughter
Greta, the only child of four that works for the company. I recommend that
Greta stays in the company and that some changes on the organizational structure
are made.

After learning the Mr. Huebel has some
medical problems, the company’s board gets together and decides that they need
to make some structural changes, specially some concerning Mr. Huebel’s power.
They insisted that he need it help running his business, and therefore his only
son joined the company. Consequently, to this actions they made some structural
changes so that Franz Huebel had less power. Here is when the major issue of
organizational structures occurs. In the meeting they made Greta Huebel, who wasn’t
really ready for that responsibility, in charge of the marketing and sales
department. Moreover, because she had that position she started having
conflicts with her father about power. And employees were having doughs of who
they should listen to for instructions. Also because Mr. Huebel had a more old-style
way of working and refused to give control, the firm was having a hard time innovating
and growing.

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Another of the main issues was determining
the succession of the company. Because Mr. Huebel had an unstable condition it
is important that they think of the person that will fill in his shoes. As
mentioned before Greta was more interested and entered the business before her
brother did. However, her father gave his son more approval regarding the
business than he did to Greta. This caused more tension between the three of

Some possible solutions that we get from reading
the case is Greta leaving the company. If this happens Franz Huebel will have
all of the power again and will make the decisions he wants to, which will
eventually lead to a mayor problem. Another option will be Mr. Huebel giving
the succession to his son Peter, which will cause more family problems between
them. This can also cause bigger problems given that Peter doesn’t have as much

My proposed solution regarding the first
problem would be that the company creates a new organizational structure. A
solution could be dividing the company in two sections that both of Mr. Huebel’s
children have knowledge in so that each one of them can be in charge of each of
the sections, giving them similar power and roles. Also in regard to the
succession, the role should be decided between the family members, taking into
consideration the performance of the children in the company, and their
leadership skills. I also believe that for now, while Mr. Huebel’s is still in
the board, both children should be part of the decisions the company makes, and
should be able to give their opinions even though the final call would be given
by Mr. Huebel. This would help them get prepared for their future rolls.

            To conclude, even though Precista
has been going through some issues they are a really successful company. I
would suggest the company to consider the proposed solutions mentioned above. I
also recommend not to let Greta leave the company, since she dedicated so much
time and done so much for its success. Furthermore, I think Mr. Huebel should
threat everyone equally, especially Greta and Peter. And finally, they should
work on the importance of solving their family problems between them. 


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