Popular Executive: In an entry level, you will likely

Popular Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

In general, a
career in digital marketing includes social media and search engine
optimization (SEO) necessary to sell products, brands or ideas. Education criteria
for these types of positions differ, but a bachelor’s degree is a good idea for
all those who want to be competitive in their job search. Hands-on experience
with marketing and SEO can also make it easier for to boost hiring

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Your experience, your along with
your interest, you can think about following Job Profiles:

Digital Marketing Executive: In an entry level, you will likely join a
company as a digital marketing and marketing executive (or might be SEO
executive, Social Media Marketing executive, Search Engine Marketing executive).
You’re very likely to operate under a team lead or supervisor and carry out a
number of tasks such as study, content creation, testing etc.

Digital Marketing Specialist: After gaining reasonable (i.e. 2+ years)
experience in a specific domain like SEO or SEM, you’ll be encouraged to a
professional position, for example, SEO Expert or SEM Professional or Content
Marketing Expert. During the interview you can tell your supervisor, you may
make a lot of choices independently.

Digital Advertising Manager or Team Leader: With 2-4 years of expertise, You’ll Be working
as a Supervisor or Team Leader, e.g. SEO Supervisor, SEM Team Lead. At this
point, you’ll be managing a staff and will immediately lead to technical
strategic plans for your organization.

Digital advertising Strategist/Analyst: In agencies or organizations where there is the
strong focus on aspects of SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, there is a demand
for skilled professionals for Strategic & Analytics capabilities. While
team leads or managers will continue to go, different groups, these profiles
will direct them more like consultants to boost their general efficiency. An
analyst may lead to groups across multiple sections.

Head of Digital Marketing: As the name defines, a Digital Marketing Head is
the most powerful profile in this domain name. In organizations where
integrated marketing campaigns exist, Digital advertising Head will report to
Head of Marketing or CMO, who’d be accountable for overall marketing purpose.

Since Online Marketing industry
is Still at development phase, the above-mentioned roles are yet to be
standardized and might also vary based on the type of company, i.e. a service
or a new or a tool provider. With the frequent learning and various opportunities,
the above mentioned profile best suited to excel your career in Digital


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