Popping out in a new movie and making his solo debut album

Popping out in a new movie and making his solo debut album, Harry Styles astonished his fans with his new style.
Music? Check!
Fashion? Check!
Career? Check!
Yes, the new Styles sprung fantastically after the hiatus of his band; One Direction. Lots of his fans were shocked with his transformation because from the cute little lad on his “fetus days” to the bad boy look on his latest days in his band, he transformed into a man who is the opposite of what a Directioner may perceive. Clad in his Gucci suits and cutting off his “iconic” curly hair, Harry Styles showed the people “who he really is” He truly went out of his shell didn’t he?
Harry Styles’ new hairstyle and fashion statement had a huge impact with his fans. Showing himself in the Rolling Stone magazine, he earned praises from his fans. Suits suit him well (really well indeed). Regarding his new hairstyle, Styles had a hilarious comment on his interview in BBC Radio 1 last May 2017. “I felt very naked for a while.” He said jokingly.
The Directioners also had their “shookt moment’ on his music because they never expected that the dimpled pop star could be referred to as an “International Rock Star” of the present time. In his self-entitled album; Harry Styles, songs with an alternative rock genre can be heard which is really different from his past pop genre with One Direction.
The album Harry Styles; himself earned great comments from the people because of showing his “inner side”- surprising the people who he really is. Styles indeed has a very creative mind because one song in his album which is titled Sign of the Times made his fans formulate their own theories due to its unique lyrics. Some says that it was inspired by broken love, death and even war that was said to be caused by the movie he just made.
After a great music career, Harry Styles had his official start in the music career. He became one of the casts in the historical movie Dunkirk that is directed by Christopher Nolan. What a big start Harry! Playing the character of “Alex”, Styles acted differently from who he really is. SPOILER ALERT! In the movie, he is a soldier who is ready to sacrifice people just to survive (what an outrageous Styles! I cry!) Giving his best shot in his debut film, who knows? Styles may become one of the legendary protagonists soon (leading man! My Romeo!)- he could also be a great antagonist; no one could really tell.
Harry Styles definitely styles a new style in his life. Exploring and taking the risks is a good option to grow. Yet still, with the change in his life, Styles’ modesty and love for his fans and of course his family and friends didn’t change at all. In fact, he continuously grows into a beautiful creature that is really a good one to idolize.


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