PJ Dave Flowers is located within the Athi Kapiti plains of Kenya

PJ Dave Flowers is located within the Athi Kapiti plains of Kenya, 60km south of Nairobi in Kajiado County along the Athi River–Kajiado–Namanga international highway and 1km south of Isinya District Headquarters. The PJ Dave Group initially started by growing vegetables such as French beans but diversified to roses in the year 1998.

Figure 1: Map of PJ Dave Flower Farm, Isinya

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As stated in AFREPREN/FWD (2018), the PJ Dave Group manages three flower farms incorporated in Kenya as independent private limited liability companies namely Dave Roses, PJ Dave Flora and PJ Dave Flowers Timau. Over the years, from 2011 to 2015, PJ Dave flower farm has contributed to at least four percent of the total flower production in the country, which translates to annual sales of not less than USD 0.115 Billion. In 2016, the farm exported 51,357,256 stems of roses. In 2017, the projection is 57, 606,692 roses of stems.
Flowers grown at PJ Dave go through several stages before they are ready for export. Propagation takes place on 3 ha of the farm, which is where the new seedlings are bred and produced. The remaining land is used for growing the flowers using advanced hydroponics and water conservation techniques. Humidity and temperature control are used to maximize productivity. The farm has two pack houses where the flowers are graded and packed then stored in the cold rooms before export.
According to AFREPREN/FWD (2018), there are about 1,030 employees in the farm. Out of these 254 of them are housed in different labour camps clustered at different locations on the farm. Out of the 254 residential units, only 55 (22%) were connected to mains electricity. The other 186 units (78%) were found to be unconnected and the staff living in the unconnected units are currently using kerosene for lighting.


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