Personal Reflection Scrutinizing the wall full of medals and trophies in my room

Personal Reflection
Scrutinizing the wall full of medals and trophies in my room, I still recall those days when I used to sacrifice my basic needs when it came to music. Music, for me, has always been like a substance of energy. Through the involvement in music, I have concatenated with people whom I would like to quote as my group of humankind. In spite of overcoming several hurdles to establish in this field, I struggled to pursue my dream as it was not merely possible through my dedication. The instable journey to find my true purpose made me who I am today.
After, I completed my Bachelor’s Level of Study. With all those tiny tricky little jobs that I did, I wanted a break from whatever I was doing and by just carrying my backpack I thought of leaving to a never visited location. Late of March 2018 and I was all by myself. Me, my travelling guitar and two of my friends, we finally reached Rara on 27th of March. All those majestic mountains and the lake itself, it was something that I had never ever seen in my life before. It was something that even the prayers could not fulfill. Here, I am not just talking about all the good things. It is something that changed me after I came back home.
After two days of stay I came to realize the sad side of beautiful Rara was hitting me in my head every second and the idea of HomeTel is something that I came up with. Being an IT guy, I did not have much of knowledge about business. Though I had each and every step in my mind it was not in an organized way which slowly was becoming more like a burden for me. The tears of Rara, behind that beautiful smile were not something that I had expected for. While travelling to Rara we faced many difficulties in terms of stay, topography, and the poor children who came running for money every time no matter wherever we used to go.
After I came back from Rara one of my friends from Nepal Ms. Shreeya Bhattarai asked me to join her for Global Enterprise Experience. As she told me about this competition then and there I told her about my idea of using the nearby Village of Rara Lake which is called ‘HUTU’, as a location for home stay for the foreigners coming to this place. So, from the word ‘Hotel’, we thought of taking the word ‘Tel’ and creating our own word ‘HomeTel’. We both thought of changing this thing into action. These actions could modify both the way of thinking, and living standards of one of the poorest communities of Rara.
It was my first time at Global Enterprise Experience. Having no any knowledge in the field of business, I think I learned more from my team mate Shreeya as she had already participated in this competition before and got to learn many terms related to business with the other members of my team as well. We had this group on Facebook, where were told to pitch our ideas and a link to a Google drive was also given to us so that we could post each one of our part of work as soon as we finish it. I think that, despite of the imbalance in the zone timing, our team performed very well. But there were few them, who did not even spoke a single word even though they were the part of the group. At the beginning, I was a bit worried about the work that I would be working on. But somehow I managed to perform my part of work which eventually helped our team with the overall designs of the whole report.
I was here to learn something and I this new thing eventually added a lot of valuable things inside me which I will be using whenever anything from this comes to me as a need. I had never ever in my life that I have already lived till now believed in ‘Ideas Changing the World’. And now I have a feeling that, I never believed in this proverb because till now I have not done anything that has even brought a slightest change into anything so ever. I hope this will be my step for changing ‘Something’.


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