particularly chimpanzees

particularly chimpanzees, his articulate expression of the development of the human mind is crucial to my idea about technology’s impact on our lives.
I got this brainwave when we were video conferencing with our friends on that mobile application, having our drinks in our comfort zones. We are living in a fantasy world created by technology. The life we are living now has been envisioned in science fiction novels in the previous centuries. And speaking of science fiction, do you remember the first time we read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein? How we felt pity for Frankenstein as he was shunned by his creator? I think we can replace Frankenstein with robots, but the AI robots are not hated by either the creators or the users. As Sherry Turkle says that “Although the machine may only have simulated emotion, the feelings it evokes are real”.
The robots may be wired to perform certain actions for interaction with humans, but the effect of having a conversation with that robot is almost like having a companion. Though it seems like living in an illusion, but might I remind you of Kahlo’s self portrait which I talked about earlier in this letter? You see, Kahlo was seen to be leading a normal life after the accident, but beneath her clothes she is nailed together with metal and leather straps. The illusion that she recovered after the accident is created by a fine dress which we see her wearing in other self portraits.
The idea is that through technology one can attain happiness and be in touch with those who care for you. Where some may claim that instant gratification is the cause of depression and anxiety, but my reply to such claims would be that Hamlet and Antonio (from The Merchant of Venice) had no smart phone or a robot to engage with and yet they are considered tragic heroes. Also, mental health problems have plagued humanity since time immemorial and it should not be assumed that it has been aggravated with the increased engagement with technology. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my insight into the dependence on technology.


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