Part A In this modern world with such advance technology

Part A
In this modern world with such advance technology, the internet has become more advance and advance. Meanwhile on the other hand, the population of the cybercrime has been increased year after year. This is also means that the cybercrime cases in the world wide has been increase and its follow by the population of cybercrime.
What is cybercrime? Cybercrime is also knows as computer oriented crime, it means that is a crime that involving using the computer and the network to commit a crime. In the other words, it also can be defined as the offences that committed against a group of individual or an individuals with the criminal motive. The intention of the action is to harm the reputation of the victims, cause mental or physical harm, and cause loss to the victims directly or indirectly.
Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is a type of cybercrime to break a general traffic of a targeted network, server or service with overpowering the target or the area of infrastructure with flood of Internet traffic. DDoS attacks accomplish effectiveness by exploit multiple compromised computer systems as sources of attack traffic. While there have a few cases that traffic that have taken by DDoS attacks.

Case 1
In the year of 2014, Boston Children’s Hospital accomplished to the primary health care organization that had aim by DDoS attacks from a hacktivist team. It’s because this hospital is using the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) as seven other location health care mechanism, the organized DDoS attacks had the latent to bring down numerous parts of Boston’s critical health care infrastructure.
By the health care it’s extremely dependent for the network connectivity and some digital records, which are inability to access their systems that could have inclusive impacts beyond of dollars spent. This cause the staff and patient safety will be compromise while their lives could be lost.

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Case 2
In the 2016 October, the area of US suffering for a DDoS attack that had interrupted their Managed DNS network. As a result, there have about a total of hundred websites had become unreachable to majority of the world. This issue has strengthened subsequently in the day when the attackers initiated the second round of attacks against the US DNS system.
By the way, these attacks are not aiming at the customers on the network, but it’s aiming the DNS provider themselves. The attacker overture to using up the wide network resources by flooding DNS providers with junk DNS queries. DNS server is also a roadmap to the internet that are helping user to find the websites that they are looking for. While an attacker ties up of the DNS’s resources, then for the legalize clients are not able to resolve their requisition.
Case 3
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website has sustained an immense outage, it was lately reported by the announcer’s own news division to be the result of a DDoS attack. The BBC’s entire domain that are including its radio player and on-demand television was down for more than three hours.
The American hacker that named New World Hacker, had attacked on the BBC news website, this making the site to discontinue the operation of nearly four hours. The New World hackers to BBC reporter claimed that the launch of DDoS attack traffic are up to 600Gbps, but the the reason for the site closed is not confirm by BBC. ?
Part D
DDoS attacks may make major commence risks with massive influence. Therefore, these are important for IT and managers and security administrators, as well as for the business executives, to comprehend the ways to prevent for the DDoS attacks.
– To determine the DDoS attack early
If the company are running their own servers, the security administrators should be able to determine when they are under attack. This is because the earlier that they can find out that matter with their website are appropriate to a DDoS attack, the earlier they can solve the DDoS attack issue.

– To ensure they have extra bandwidth
Overprovisioning their bandwidth that can supply more time to determine and deal with the DDoS attack. To enhance the bandwidth also permit their server to accommodate unanticipated spikes in traffic, cushioning they against for more intense attack.

– Increasing the safety of their Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Hackers are now leveraging massive worldwide botnets composed of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. While DDoS attackers are on the rise. The Internet of Things, the worldwide network of connected equipment is heralded as the following industrial revolution.

– Establish a DDoS operation plan
Company business should begin planning to protect by DDoS attacks, before they’re hit. It’s much harder to react when an attack had already under way. These procedures may be adopted to cause it harder for an attacker to knock the company offline.

– Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
The one of the best defenses against a DDoS attack is using by a content delivery network (CDN). This CDNs work by determining traffic transmitted as unit of a DDoS attack and shifting it to third-party cloud infrastructure.

– Using a Dedicated Server
Using a dedicated server would cause company greater control over security and more bandwidth. Unlike infrastructure, co-location severs, and dedicated servers’ hardware will be operated by a third-party provider. Using Dedicated servers with automatic DDoS attack mitigation in the event of an attack and company will receive support from their provider.


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