Parental some occurrence in which parental death resulted to

Parental Divorce

 A Research Scholar from Gauhati University in
India, Saikia (2017), stated that divorce is guaranteed as the primary cause of
having broken home. There are instances that both parents leave home but most
often either one of them does. Subsequently, it will affect family system due
the nonattendance of either or both of the parents, then the family will be
considered as broken.

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Parental Death

(2017) also quantified that death of parent/s is another factor which can diminish
the effectiveness of the family. Unfortunately, there are some occurrence in
which parental death resulted to a broken home. Though death doesn’t certainly
consider as an attribute of broken home, however the death of either or both
parents becomes the children’s incompleteness.

Misconception among
family members

to Saikia (2017), aside from parental divorce and death, misconception among
the family member can be develop and become the cause leading to a broken home.
Engagement of any family member towards harmful objects such as drugs,
alcoholic drinks and any misconduct can lead to misconception more specifically
devastation and anger, which becomes the reason of breaking oneself from the

Incompetent Supervision
of Parents

supervision towards the family members can lead to destroying the affiliation
of the family. When the administrator of the family most especially the parent fails
to supervise the members, each of the member will be given a chance to whatever
and however they want at home and even outside. If this kind of family system continuous,
it will lead to a worse condition that might possibly resulted to break the
family (Saikia, 2017).

Parental and
Friends Stimulus

(2017) stated additional cause why a family being broken up is due to the parental
or friends’ persuasion. If a third person or third party became part of the exclusive
matters at the home, speaking disloyalty will occur and misconception might
possibly turn out worse. Since everyone has friendly affiliation to other
people, some often used to convey their dilemmas to them. However, there can be
negative impact in telling other people what one’s going through in life. To people
whom ones believed that will aid them from a certain problem, unanticipated suggestion
may be advised. Most of the time, broken family due to splitting up of parents is
because of the stimuli made by friends and parents. 


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