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production of greenhouse gases like CO2, NO2  and acid oxides, in general, has increased. Although those gasses is are a very small factor in the ozone depletion but it also add up to it. Finally, scientist uses ships to fly in the air and get samples from the atmosphere so they can measure the acidity of the atmosphere. They have to get samples from different sections/parts in the same place to make sure of their measurements.Finally, scientist fly with ships to the highest point where a ship can fly and then they send a small rocket which does not cause any destruction, it just gathers samples of the ozone. This rocket comes down with a small parachute and then they analyse the data for information like determining percentages of gasses like CFCs in the ozone layer. The increase of CFC gasses that is clearly shown in the analyses of the data recovered is another proof of ozone depilation. Also this small rocket contains a chip that can determine that amount of UV radiation(another method for measuring UV radiation). Their are many things you could do to prevent ozone depletion. First, I will stop getting the sprays that contain CFC gasses. Second, I would try to use clean energy resource as my energy source because the main sources that cause ozone depletion are all results of burning fossil fuels. Third, I will not buy any home appliance that are producing CFC, HFC or HCFC gasses. Finally, I would also not buy any cleaning solvents that contains CFC, HFC or HCFC gasses. All the problems that are happening to the climate that causes climate change happened because of human interference with nature and it’s cycles. Humans are supposed to stop producing greenhouse gases and all harmful gases. Their are tons of ways to do that. First, humans should start relying on clean energy sources instead of fossil fuels. This would help limit producing greenhouse gasses because clean energy sources like wind power, geothermal energy, solar power, nuclear power, and hydroelectricity do not produce any greenhouse gases when burned. Second, we need to stop deforestation and starting planting trees. That would help limit the production of greenhouse gasses as trees acts as a carbon sink. Due to that, the increase of trees will decrease carbon dioxide which is one of the biggest greenhouse gases on earth. Third, to use hybrid and electric cars instead of normal cars. That would help limit or reduce greenhouse gases because they produce less CO2 which is one of the biggest greenhouse gases produced by humans. Fourth, let companies get less efficient equipment to consume less energy. That would help limit the production of greenhouse gases because you would use less electricity. Fifth, drive less by start cycling and walking to places near you instead of always using the cars. This would not only limit the production of greenhouse gases and climate change but it will also improve your health and save you money. Sixth, start recycling and by doing so you are using less material for example when you recycle paper and use this paper to make matches, this is better because you did not need to cut down another tree to do these matches. Seventh, use paper efficiently by using the same paper to jot all the notes of the day instead of using different sheets of paper. Finally, we should use water more efficiently especially hot water by for example closing the water while we are brushing our teeth. We should do that because heating the water produces emission of the greenhouse so when we reduce it, we are also reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that are produced by it. I think that we as a human race are not able to change our ways because the people that are ruling the world thinks differently. Those leaders guide us into what is wrong and what will destroy and have partially destroyed our planet. Those leaders think that life is only about money and collecting it and the problem is that they value some papers more than the nature they live in and their lives. That is why if you try to help improve and change our ways, they are not going to allow you to do it because they do not want their businesses losing money not even for the people’s life or their’s. They will either pay you to stop or make the government stop you etc. Sometimes if you still do not agree with them, they may even kill you. What we need to do as a human race is to stand together against those leaders and tell them that they are wrong and that they need to stop. It is never to late but by know it is late to stop but we need to at least work together to reduced it. This is not a debatable topic; it’s my and your life getting destroyed by the thoughts of stupid leader and by us not taking an action. Never say or think that you would not do male a difference because this all can start by you. 

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