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When a society is built upon oppression and domination by certain social classes over others, sexual harassment is an unsurprising by-product. The unheard and unreported presence of sexual harassment in our society has existed for as long as we have had developed communities. By extension, harassment is perpetuated through capitalistic models of society. While sexual assault and harassment are committed by individuals, it can be inferred that the system our society subscribes to allows this level of mistreatment to those considered subservient or lower-class. Essential to the foundation of capitalism is the separation of labor and dehumanization of self. This inherently leads to the suppression of sexuality and other crucial parts of an individual’s sense of self.  In a society that relies on capitalism, individuals are forced to partake in a competitive environment, one that relies heavily on those in power coercing their subordinates to adhere to their rules and standards. This perpetuation and permeance of power or domination has generally clung to the perception that men are in a position of authority in the house or in the workplace over women, and historically they have taken this influence as the ability to command and force others to do their will, sexually or emotionally. The perception of rape in society has generally leaned more to the side of victim-blaming, with the notion that there was little to be done by law officials, leaders in workplaces, or college campuses. This caused there to be a stigma for women (and also men) to come forward with their accusations of sexual harassment or assault. With fear of being alienated further or diminished by those in power of their society or certain social circles, many instances of sexual assault heretofore have gone unreported. Following with the Marxist notion that capitalism leads to explicit discrimination, it can also follow that those who are considered “subservient” or “lower-class” will call for a complete overhaul of their society and riot, demanding for a new system to be put into place. While Marx meant this from a more economic stand-point, the progression of recognition of the presence and exploitation through sexual assault has reached its tipping point. A call for a change in our society can be seen in the recent campaigns such as #MeToo, as women (who are commonly thought to be subservient to men) come forward with the exploitation they faced through sexual assault. Women in all industries want to find a new system, one where they aren’t scared of sexual assault or intimidated to report the abuse they face in a professional and social platform. The sudden outreach of women sharing their stories, and the persecution of well-established figures for their blatant exploitation of power and coercion of sexual nature, could be the beginning of the establishment of a new societal perception of those considered subservient, and the beginning of the end of the unfettered power wielded by the ruling class.  

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