p.p1 hostile environment can make people uncomfortable to work

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Unwelcome sexual approach, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical lead of a sexual sort constitutes inappropriate behavior when accommodation to or dismissal of this direct expressly or verifiably influences that will effect  person’s business, preposterously meddles with a person’s work execution or makes a scary, antagonistic or hostile workplace. Sexual harassment includes Both genders male and female and it can be the victim and the harasser from the same gender as well. Furthermore, sexual harassment associate with social stratification. social stratification is characteristic of each society and it is clear that some people have more power than other groups and all the differences in society make social stratification. That is what make social stratification universal because can happen every where and any time but in different ways across the states. This is inappropriate behavior persists over generations and that what make sexual harassment strongly connect to social stratification.

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There are many harm effects that can happen because of sexual harassment to individuals. This behavior can risk many people life, physical health, emotional health and financial difficulties. A hostile environment can make people uncomfortable to work and hard to achieve their goals, in results, that will badly effect the society activities in development. All the negative consequences of sexual harassment that can put people in a difficult situation and lead them to lose self esteem and it may affect them on personal relationship with people. It is a massive way to destroy human life because it has a direct trauma on education, health and employment that can effect the economy in ways that make people have low productivity and low morale.
According to Brady Mallory report in the keloland media group that published On November 2017 “We have a great opportunity now, a great opportunity to teach generations going forward of respect for all human beings,” Bunger said. What that means is people have the right to give their voice to court that can understand it now. With all the educational orientations, books, and news that will help the public to be more caution about all the bad attitude which can harm each one in socity. Acknowledg people about   sexual harrasmant and how it is harmful that may create 
Understanding and respectful conduct between people



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