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Up until this moment, Gilgamesh had been moving through life by his own selfish standards. He had just been purging, accumulating wealth, having many women. When he saw his friend returning to dust, he had a complete change in his views.  Suddenly, death had inspired a great feeling of gripping fear and grief in him. This was attributed to the fact that someone he considered an equal could die. He registered the actual reality of death for the first time and fell into a deep depression.  This is considered the climax of the epic.  Gilgamesh sets out to find himself, to truly know the path of humanity before it comes to its eventual end. With his energy and vigor fading due to the depression, he sought out the ancient spirit herb of immortality and perpetual youth. The fear of death pushed him. 
Tablet 9
Beginning of journey
 Gilgamesh departed Uruk and went to seek out Ziusundra, a sage who had been alive since leading many animals into an ark before a deluge that murdered everyone on earth came. He was said to be the only human being who had survived the massive storm. He, for decades, wandered all through the deserts. The epic describes his movement during the journey as “groveling along pathetically” .though a demigod; he was tasked with the same mission of all mere human beings, overcoming death (Kline, 2016). He progressed with his journey with, “idiocy that exceeded that of human,” putting aside his power, authority, pride, and ego. He passes through mashtu, the hills that were believed to guard the rising and setting sun. This was seen as him having reached the ends of the earth in his quest. After that, he had to pass through lands no mortal man had ever gone through, but despite the warning by the guardian of the gate, Gilgamesh goes through. The region is covered in a pitch-black darkness that only got worse as he went further. He just sees the light after eleven leagues and finally arrives at the gods’ garden.

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