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Wyatt Morris
Photography 7
18 January 2018

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Diane Arbus
Diane arbus was an american photographer who mainly took photos of people that were interesting. For example, mentally insane, circus, dwarfs, giants, trannys, nudists, and giants. Diane Arbus was born on March 14, 1923 in New York City. She was Jewish. She grew up very wealthy so the Great Depression didn’t really affect her or her family. She was one of three siblings. Her younger sister became a sculptor and designer and her older brother would become the United States Poet Laureate. Diane Nemerov attended the Fieldston School for Ethical Culture, a prep school.  In 1941, at the age of eighteen, she married her childhood sweetheart Allan Arbus. Their first daughter Doon, who later become a writer, was born in 1945. their second daughter Amy, would later become a photographer, was born in 1954. Arbus and her husband worked together. After long hours in the studio, Diane would rush home to cook dinner for Allan and their two daughters. Allan was very supportive of Diane. Allan had given Diane her first camera after their honeymoon. She began developing a passionate love for photography. Diane and allan separated in 1959 and finally got divorced in 1969. Diane began a relationship with art director and painter Marvin Israel that would last roughly ten years, until the time of her death. He was married and made clear to Arbus that he was never going to leave his wife. He pushed Arbus very hard regarding her work. Her photographs are very eerie and depressing in a way that is very satisfying to look at. She didn’t take too many photos in her time but she left a stamp on the photography industry when she later passed away at a relatively young age. She taught at photography schools in the 60’s and awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for a project on “American rites, manners, and customs”. Diane arbus experienced many depressive episodes and mood changes . her ex-husband noted that she would even have “violent mood changes”. Arbus took her own life by ingesting barbiturates and cutting her wrists with a razor. She wrote the words “Last Supper” in her diary and placed her appointment book on the stairs leading up to the bathroom. Marvin Israel found her body in the bathtub two days later. she was 48 years old.


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