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From the recyclon to the waste food fabric, they are many companies that are looking for the most durable and effective sustainable new fabrics. Here a list of the most new and popular once.
Orange fiber, Recover, Pinatex, Crailar, Qmilch, Recyclon, S.Cafe’, MYB Lace, EcoCircle Plant Fiber and Evrnu. One of the new innovative is also the 3D print biodegrable textile. 

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Technology is gettin more close to the fashion industry during the years. The 3D print is not new in fashion, as jewelry designers are already used this method. Today, is getting more wearable and if will disrupts mass fashion production, it will become cheaper and more efficient than current manufacturing methods.
Smart textile, which are fabrics that have been developed with new technologies. Are very interesting because, they are able to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot. For example communicate, transform, conduct energy and grow. In the athletic, sport and military clothes, will have a huge impact on. 
They are now existing company which are producing the 3D print finished textile. For example Tamicare Textile. 

 Tamicare are able to produce totally new textile and non-woven material. Today, Tamicare’s flagship product name Cosyflex  is the world’s first ever technology developed to 3D print finished textile products. This new technology opens up entirely new world of opportunities for bold innovations in the fashion sportwear. Made primarily of natural, fully biodegradable materials (other materials may be used if required), instant creation of finished products from raw materials with no cutting and no waste. Cosyflex in the end of life, can be able to grow, if  plant it, a tree. Also, just simple biodegrate in the time.


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