Overview Organization Jabil Sdn

Overview Organization
Jabil Sdn. Bhd is a global electronic manufacturing service corporate company that is based in the United States. Headquartered in St Petersburg Florida, it is one of the largest company in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil totally has 90 facilities in 23 countries that consists of roughly around 175000 employees all around the world. The company is founded in 1966 by two person that is James Golden and Bill Morean where “Ja” from James and “Bil” from Bill, forming the name of the company.
The company is the incorporated 3 years after establishment as a printed circuit boards (PCBs) manufacturer. In the 1980s, the company was making parts for PC companies like Dell and this continued through the mid-1990s. Until now, Jabil’s customers span numerous industries, including healthcare, life sciences, clean technology, computing, storage, networking, aerospace, and telecommunications. Its services include design engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services for the consumer industries and material technology services like plastics, metals, automation, and tooling as well.
The corporate adopted the concept of LEAN manufacturing as its culture, which encourages the employee to improve and innovate the sense of waste reduction while increasing the process the speed. To do that, the corporate has held several Kaizen focused even which trains the Jabil’s senior leaders to improve the process through the Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Introductory Statement
The finance department effectively manages monitors and protects corporate resources, legitimately record organization exchanges guarantees that Jabil meets lawful and statutory necessities and accurately depicts Jabil to internal and external stakeholders. The finance organization incorporates the controller function, treasury, tax, finance reporting, risks and assurance specialist relations. The finance digital transformation group is a leader in the change in management and objective arrangement.

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The Jabil Human Resources mission is to enable business development in different markets by enhancing their ability, encouraging a safe environment and creating the chance for their people to be their best. The Human Resources organization’s vision is to be a trusted partner delivering best valued and high efficient core services and innovative solutions to Jabil ability challenges.

The Information Technology team is an innovative and technical collaborate with Jabil’s business divisions. Information technology provides and supports solutions to every aspect of the company, lending thought leadership on future innovative needs while supporting and keeping up our tasks, production network, materials management solutions, and application framework. For example, hardware and data center operations. Information Technology focuses on anticipating client needs, persistent change, and capable of cost management. The capability to manufacture the mechanical establishment on which Jabil’s business can develop as result of the Information Technology group.
The legal team delivers practical guidance and high-quality innovative solutions to enabling Jabil’ business strategies, all governed by their commitment to ethical behavior. The team’s vision is to provide productive and responsive legal advice, encourage and celebrate creative thinking and knowledge sharing, and act as a team with respect and integrity, and uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior.

The strategic planning and development teams are in charge of extending Jabil’s accessible market by identifying new business and technology where they can use current strengths while also looking at the long-term for new and existing markets. These efforts help Jabil to maintain the competitive edge, to ensure resources are the focus on areas with the best potential effect to Jabil.

The corporate development team improves Jabil’s development and advancement through strategic merger, obtaining, joint venture and other investment activities that contains extra abilities in focused industry areas, upgrade client and industry sector diversification, expand geographical presence and include intangible assets like intellectual property and client relationships.
The corporate communications team delivers accurate and consistent data to inside and outside partners. The team is in charge of the Jabil brand strategy and management, the organization’s thought leadership social engagement and media relations activities, outline, advancement, and investigation of the company’s web properties, and multimedia production and creative graphics. The team works closely with business innovation and functional groups to deliver strategic global and targeted message in support of awareness and change initiatives. The team also leads the Net Promoter Scores and Quarterly Business Review programs.
The supply chain team will provide the suppliers or manufacturers the optimal supply chain management is a strategic imperative, driving enhanced quality, from raw materials to product packaging, fast procedures, inbound and out, reduces costs, from transportation to warehousing. Only the most adept, informed and capable practitioners can effectively comprehend and handle extremely quick market changes, unpredictable resources, and baffling compliance and regulatory requirements. The supply chain management mostly in charge the product packaging is the fast process and good quality in the production. It was referring to the suppliers, manufacturers, warehouse in order to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system while meeting and fulfill certain customer services levels.
The Employee Programs team supports company-wide programs like to deliver the best practices for their employee such as respect, reward, recognize. Programs and Jabil Cares. They are also responsible for communicating Jabil’s diversity through the Jabil Program. Employee Program team is led by Senior Vice President Beth Walters. Their employee programs furnish their workforce with impactful and engaging initiatives that help and observe Jabil’s way of life. They provide sites with convincing data, activities, and tools that help localize and build awareness of like in ways that best resonate with their employees.

History / Development
The name of the company derives from the primary names of James Golden and William (Bill) E. Morean, who together established the organization in 1966. Jabil was formally joined in Detroit in 1969. An early item was PCBs. In the 1980s, the organization was making parts for personal computer organization like Dell, and this proceeded through the mid-1990s.
The organization went public in the year 1993. In 1998, Jabil started exchanging freely on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol JBL. The company was adding to the S;P 500 Index in 2001. The company was moved from the S;P 500 Index to the S;P MidCap 400 Index in 2014. It is a stock market index from S;P Dow Jones Indices.
On 1st March 2013, Jabil appointed William E. Peters as President and William D. Muir, Jr. as Chief Operating Officers. Both had been with Jabil for over 20 years. Around the same time, Mark Mondello was appointed to CEO, replacing Timothy Main, who was chosen Chairman of the Board of Directors. The arrangements were started by the retirement of Boards Chairman William D. Morean, the child is one of the Jabil founders.

The organization provides details of regarding on its website that it operates 90 plants in 23 different countries. For example, Bei Jing, Cheng Du, Chicago, Shang Hai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Zhe Jiang and so on.
Jabil was moved from the S;P 500 to the S;P MidCap 400 Index in 2014. The organization declared that it is shutting its first European universal plant in Livingston, the UK in 2017. It totally has 266 employees will be losing their jobs in Livingston, UK. Jabil laid off roughly 400 people in September 2016, 100 of those being corporate representatives situated in St.Petersburg Florida.

Purpose / Philosophy
The philosophy of Jabil is to standardized computerization in its facilities over the globe utilizing a select arrangement of modern robots, basic components, and modular deployment. They have offer cost-effective solutions to clients with complex items like medical and high-density packaging while eliminating retooling costs and reducing the costs associated with entering developing markets.

The goals of the Jabil Code have contained advising representatives of cultural and behavioral expectations for engaging in appropriate and moral business direct. Providing the guidance for regulations, law, policies, relevant affecting their employee everyday activities. Besides, encouraging the procedure for tending issues and inquiries including appropriate business direct. The last is about the recognizing a confidential means for employees to report associated infringement with the law.

Jabil provides valued solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. This is achieved through an empowered employee, passionate leadership, and innovate capabilities. The company is fully committed to complying with all applicable quality and regulatory requirements. Jabil executes their business by leveraging a unique and highly effective quality management system. Jabil team understanding that quality is their competitive advantage. The company strives to deliver perfect products, maintain their tireless drive for continuous improvement and apply lean principles while proactively mitigating risks. The summation of their effort enabled exceptional care in serving their client and profitable growth in serving their shareholders.

Jabil’s prosperity depends on their people. Building a group of best contributors is from line assemblers to inquire about researchers means cultivating health, skills, and rewards in ways that advantage the two people and the organization. In this spirit, Jabil temporary positions and research programs help and create highly regarded, sought-after students, building up a strong talent base from which to develop their workforces.

Students can gain hands-on experience learning from Jabil’s extraordinary team of designers, engineers manufacturing expert and supply chain practitioners. Jabil gains access to educated, trusted talent, assessed and developed over a long working period.
Furthermore, Jabil also has to teach tangible skills such as creating test plans, experiment designs, and data analysis. The company teaches the techniques students to need to tackle any job market including interviewing, resume development, and communication and soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork, and multitasking.
Jabil is associated with configuration designing administrations. The organization has mechanical outline benefits that focus on planning the look and feel of plastic and metal enclosures in areas that house printed circuit board assemblies and frameworks or systems. Mechanical outline services of Jabil incorporate dimensional plan and investigation or design of electronic and optical assemblies. Computer-assisted helped outline from Jabil incorporates printed circuit board assembly design testing and checking and other consulting services.

For the design engineering in Jabil has an industry-particular design group for every one of the industries that they supply including computer and capacity, home, medicinal which is health care services and instrumentation, the purpose of sale, and mobile. Jabil has helped numerous Fortune 500 organizations with design and engineering including developing the Sandy Creek, a dual Intel Xeon E5-2690 (Sandy Bridge Romley-EP) based reference outline for use in client applications. Jabil additionally helped Cisco with value engineering by putting RFID in circuit boards to store information or data about the host board.

Jabil gives logistics and supply chain services. This kind of services incorporates electronic sourcing, virtual or vertical mechanics, logistics, supply chain management, high-tech planning, quality, standardized worldwide frameworks, and supply chain solutions and business investigation. The Cases of the organization’s supply chain and logistics management were seen during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. When supply chain interruption happened, Jabil re-directed supply from elective sources, allocated limited production to key clients and merchants, determine and quality elective parts, and approached existing providers to help decrease the effect of the disruptions. Jabil could do likewise during the 2010 and 2011 Thailand floods.

Jabil is a provider of electronic technology solutions that provide integrated electronic design, production and product management services to electronics and technology companies worldwide. By providing complete global electronic product supply chain management, it helps customers bring electronic products to market faster and more cost-effectively. With more than 75,000 employees and manufactures in 20 countries around the world, Jabil offers a comprehensive, personalized and focused solution to a wide range of industries.
In computer peripherals, data transmission, automation and consumer products, Jabil Group provides quality services from design, development, production, assembly, system technical support and end-user distribution to customers around the world.
With strong technical benefit, innovative professional attitude and perfect service spirit, Jabil Group has always been in the leading position in the international market, with a highly automated production base, strong capital, and technical strength. The major customer of Jabil including Philips, Yamaha, Cisco, Xerox, Alcatel, Emerson, Hewlett-Packard and other internationally renowned companies.
Jabil has established a long-term relationship with its customers by providing the most competitive manufacturing services. The goal of the company is to satisfy their customers through superior design, supply chain management, manufacturing and repair solutions. Through the culture, motivation, and expertise of each employee, they provide first-class quality services to their global customers. Jabil provides its customers with a variety of global Internet sites in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
The company and its subsidiaries provide electronic manufacturing services and solutions worldwide. The business has two components that are Electronics Manufacturing Services and Diversified Manufacturing Services. The company was designing electronic products for the aerospace, automotive, computer, defense, digital home, energy, healthcare, industrial, instrumentation, lifestyle, mobile, mold, networking, packaging, peripherals, storage, telecommunications and wear technology industries, and product management services for the company. The company’s services include integrated design and engineering, component selection, source and procurement, automated assembly, product inspection design and implementation, parallel global production, chassis services, system support, direct order fulfillment and order-based manufacturing, and injection molding, metal, plastic, precision machining and automation services. The funding sources of the company depend on the global customer. The company provides many and different kinds of services like designing electronic products to customers around the worldwide to earn money.

Problem Areas

Summary Experience
By the time when I knew that I was assigned to be Incubation team that is a technical team, I was worry about whether I can perform the task successfully or not. In the end, I was able to handle the tasks given and now I am interested in this kind of special projects that can help to solve other special needs. As an intern inside Jabil, I also have a lot of opportunities to attend the standing meeting with our senior, supervisor, and it builds up our team relationship. Besides that, Jabil also provides a lot of opportunities for us to learn and gain some new knowledge such as lunch and learn event.
In the conclusion, the improvement must be made towards my coding skills and communication skills, as I need to be a more active person and ask more coding related question with my senior or supervisor so that I only can gain more and new knowledge from their experience. When I saw the supervisor and my seniors to write coding, I realized that I still have many things need to learn in coding and in my personal. If I compare my project to my senior, he can be done the project advanced like very professional, but for my project is just a piece of cake. Lastly, I hope that I can continue to learn new things in Jabil and hope that I can continue my degree internship inside Jabil.

During my whole internship period, I was feeling that, as a programmer must have a good brain and good in logic thinking when writing the code. Not only know how to do research on google, also need to know the concept that you want to search and apply it in your coding. I also have known that everyone can learn programming because it is a learned skill, but not everyone can be a developer.

Project Description
First Project – Microsoft Flow ; Microsoft Form (Diagram is shown in Appendix)
To understand and know that how to use the Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Form. For the Microsoft, Form is one of the tools in Office 365 that can allow the user to create the survey form, short quiz and so on. Besides that, the owner can be based on the response to seeing the overall of statistics pie chart results. Or else the owner also can see the result one by one and how much the time that responder use to answer the form. Other than that, the owner can download the result as a Microsoft Excel file to see all the result at once. I had been created two kind of survey form, which are moving to the new office environment, and Installation of MirrorOp survey form. For the purpose of creating a survey form moving to the new office is want to move team put up so that can gather employees feedback and move committee can then remedy this issues quickly. Then, another is Installation of MirrorOp Survey is want to make sure to folks in Jabil load their device with the application. I want to collect the result to know that how many employees can use their software center to download the application.

For the Microsoft, Flow is an online workflow service that enabled the user to work smarter and more efficiently by automatically workflow across the most common application and services. For example, one drive work with flow, flow approval, an email notified when new respond has and so on. For the one drive work with the flow that can help the user save the attachment automating to one drive business when the user receives or send the attachment by using the email. After stored attachment will send out an email to notify the user where the attachment stored. This kind of flow is one of the good ways that can help the user to back up the attachment to one drive business. Next, is about the flow approval, this flow enabled the user to request something and need approval by someone. It has two kinds of approvals that are single and parallel. For the single approval is approval by per person, for the parallel approval is combine more than one response to get the result such as if the reject is more than acceptable, which means the approval result is rejected. Another flow is about when having new responder to answer the form owner will receive one notification by email.

For the Microsoft Flow and Form is me and my boss was corporate to the US IT manager. I help her to create the survey form about Office 365. Other than that, we have a meeting discussion about the Microsoft work Flow such as one-drive business flow, approval flow and so on. She mostly using the one-drive to store their document through the internet, so that I had created an example like one-drive business flow for them.
Second Project – Creating a seating allocation system (Diagram shown as Appendix)
For my second project is need to create a seating allocation system for each of the zone. In starting, I created the seating layout with the button. I spend a lot of time to design the seating layout is because I need to arrange and design the seating place one by one based on the floor plan. My partner Peter, he was helping me to collect the employee data such as employee number, employee name, zone sitting, seat number. I put all the employee data in the database with Microsoft Access and link to the system. The system is able to allow admin to log in the system and see, update, delete the employee seat and information by clicking the particular button. When admin clicking the button A01, it will show the A01 person information to the right-hand-side textbox. The system also has three kinds of the employee status that includes vacant, full-time, contractor and intern. I have been using the color to classify them out, for example, vacant represent yellow color, contractor represent blue color, full-time represent pink color and intern represent green color. The purpose of using color classification is to want to let admin using the system to understand and saw directly and clearly. Moreover, admin also can change and edit the information of an employee by clicking the edit button.

Results / Conclusion
In conclusion, I was feeling that I had a very nice internship at Jabil plant. Throughout the whole internship period, I knew that how they write the system with using python and put it in the machine to work, when the system has the error and how they solve it. Besides that, I have gained a lot of knowledge not only in IT expect but also in terms of communication and teamwork. For non-technical skills such as communications, that only can be learned in the real work environment. It is because they were only using English to communicate with each other anytime and anywhere.

Lastly but not least, I wish to say that I am lucky enough to have such helpful colleagues such as Adam, Yew Fung Han, Yin Ting, Vimal and another intern Sin Yong, Melvyn Tie, and Wang Yan from Incubation team. They have helped me a lot when I faced difficulties to develop my seating allocation system. They have provided some precious suggestion to me during some doubt, question, and some perspective from a user.

In the end, I also like to thanks Divya, my supervisor, and Yoong Fen Shern, my boss they have been very kind and gave me a lot of support, advice, guidance, and concern throughout my whole internship period. Not only that they provided guidance on work-related knowledge, they also do not mind that I make mistakes as long as I learn from it. It was my honor that I had my first time working experience in Jabil and I am very glad towards Jabil for choosing me as their intern.

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