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Our book club, overall, did fairly well. We chose the book “Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi.  There were quite a few problems with book club members not completing their work when it came time to do the book meetings, but we have discussed those issues further and they have agreed to have all their work done on time and not procrastinate, but there were some good things we did well as a group, and one of those things was that we had insightful and knowledgeable conversation during our meetings. Our book club meetings typically lasted about 20 minutes. We went in order of the roles that was put on the role sheet. During our meetings, everyone learned something new about the book or gathered new, insightful information on different kinds of symbolism throughout the chapters. I felt that the most successful role that everyone had was the illustrator. Because the book contained no photographic content, it really helped to have an illustration to look at and imagine what the setting would have looked like it there were illustrations throughout the book. I also felt this was the most successful because being able to picture what was going on in the book was enticing and interesting for us to do. The meetings went well, but so did the project. For our project, we decided to do the fan art because of our artistic abilities. We thought it would be interesting to see how the art project would turn out if we all three pitched in to help because we have different styles of art. We used acrylic paint and three canvases. We wanted to capture the setting and the very conspicuous, depressing mood of the book. We captured this mood by using dark colors such as shades of blues, grays, and greens. We used a few color pops on each canvas to show that there was a bit of happiness within each setting of the book we showed. The first weekend we worked on the project, one of our members wasn’t able to make it but the second weekend we all finished it, and it turned out much better than we fathomed it would.Overall, our club did adequately well in the meetings and the project. We all came together and shared our opinions, thoughts, and ideas about the book, and because of that, each of us had a better understanding of the book and it’s more hidden meaning in between the sentences. We did great as a whole, but we do need to work on being responsible for ourselves and completing our work so that we’re not dragging others down.


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