Our next pre-season Gold meeting will be held tomorrow

Our next pre-season Gold meeting will be held tomorrow, December 14, at 11:55am in P1. We will talk about the upcoming season. Pre-season work-outs will be held Monday-Thursday starting February 12th from 3-4:30pm at China Lake Gold Course on the base for all new and returning players. Spots are open for the team. Players must have completed all paperwork prior to the try-outs. See Mrs. Cracraft in Activities Office for details. Come try out for a spot and have fun being part of a team!

Pre-season work-outs will begin after the winter recess for new and returning players. No tennis experience is required and beginners are welcome. Pick up the appropriate paper work from the athletic office and return it as soon as possible.

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There is a free chess tournament this Saturday, December 16th at Gateway Elementary School for all students, grades K-12. Registration begins at 8:15am, and round one begins at 9:15am. Everyone gets to compete in every round, and everyone gets an award at 12:30. Students in the 9-12 section can choose their awards based on their performance: trophies, medals, gift cards. In the class competition the sophomores have a slim one point lead over the freshman, followed by the seniors and the juniors. For more information contact Mr. Morgan, [email protected]


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