Our control should be adopted (Akinyemi, 2009) 4. Skin

Our way of living is revolutionized by technology. And
especially mobile and digital technology has caused big changes in our work,
social interaction and entertainment. If we this from the perspective of
General Aggression Model (GAM; Anderson Bushman 2002) such then these
situational and individual changes caused by the advancement towards mobile and
digital technology can have various emotional, physiological and behavioral
outcomes. According to statistics 4.77 billion people are using mobile phones
in the world. If we see this from the perspective of Bandura’s Theory of Social
Learning which says that people learn from one another through observation,
this number is going to increase because kids are also observing the adults and
are likely to adopt the trend by using mobile phones and digital technology and
very young age

Increased use of mobile phones and digital technology can
cause many mental and physical health problems some of which are given below:

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and blood-brain barrier-related effects

is a possible role of mobile phones in development of brain cancer and
increasing the permeability of brain-brain barrier. (Leszczynski, 2002)


and Sleep disorders

health problems are associated with long term exposure to mobile phones
emission, incoming and / or outgoing calls and
of calls per day. The overall mean percentage for these clinical findings in
all groups was headache (21.65%), sleep disturbance (4.03%), tension (3.87%),
fatigue (2.97%) and
(2.43%). (Al-Khlaiwi,



phones may serve as vehicles of transmission of both hospital and community-acquired
bacterial diseases.  Strict
to infection control should be adopted
(Akinyemi, 2009)



One of
the study showed that, 16.78% of the medical students suffered from skin
problems which they related to Mobile phoneuse. (KHAN, 2008)



and digital technology users have higher levels of exhaustion and depression
than others. (Johansson,


related problems

phones are low power radio devices that transmit
receive radio frequency radiation at frequencies in
microwave range of 900–1800 MHz through an-tenna used close to the user’s
head. The reported adverse health effects and the extensive portfolio of
non-thermal effects, published in the scienti?c literature over the last few
years, indicates that the type of radiation now used in GSM phone does affect
alive organisms in different non-thermal ways.
results of the present study showed that the longer summative time of
exposure to electromagnetic ?elds
by a mobile phone may be associated with more
subjective neurological symptoms, although an
is observable, it is not statistically signi?cant
(AL-DREES, 2005)



to study conducted by American Society for Reproductive medicine, men who use
cell more than 4 hours are more likely to be victim of infertility.
(Agarwal, 2008)



In some
studies, we observed an increased risk of acoustic
for mobile phone use of at least 10 years’ duration.
observed association was strongest for tumors 
on  the
side of the head as the phone was normally used. For
mobile phone use and a short latency period our
do not indicate any risk increase, regardless of tumor
mobile phone laterality.
(Lo¨nn, 2004)



person using a mobile phone when driving is four times more likely to have a
crash that will result in hospital
Sex, age group, or availability of a hands-free device do not influence the
increased likelihood of a crash.
(McEvoy, 2005)


life problems

The  mobile 
phone  has  impacted 
on  young  people’s 
peer  groupsenabling  a 
truly networked society. It has also impacted on the evolving
relationships within the family; especially by the increased negotiating
power the mobile phone gives to young people
in  regard 
to  curfews  and 
safety  issues.  Schools 
and  educational settings  report 
that student’s mobile phone use disrupts teaching and reduces
student’s attention in class, resulting in negative educational outcomes.
the impact of the mobile phone on 
the  social  institution 
of  the  school 
has  not  been 
as  widely  researched 
and  is  one which has the potential to cause many
problems in the future. 
(Campbell, 2005)



These is important
for us to consider these problems because health is the basic need of every
human being on earth on which every other activity depends. And these problems
are increasing day by day due to advancement in digital technology.

These issues are
properly highlighted by current literature but most of the research papers have
many limitations. Some papers are bound by lack of data due to continuously
changing technology and some are limited to specific geographic areas.
Secondly, all research papers that we have analyzed discuss the problem correctly
but have failed to provide solutions and remedies for such problems.

Therefore, there some
research should be done on finding specific solutions of the problems caused by
the increased use of mobile phones and digital technology.



In this research we were able to find many articles related
to our topic, but we selected 10 of them which were relevant to our topic. The
main areas covered by these research articles are related to the problems
caused by the increased use of mobile and digital technology. After selecting
these articles, we have read them two to three times and highlighted the key
points which we found most relevant to our topic. Then we have extracted main
information from these articles and put them in the tables so that it can be
easily understood and interpreted. After that we have analyzed the tables so
that we can have idea about the direction of research previously done on same

We found that most of the articles are dealing only with
problems and are not discussing possible solutions that can be implemented to
reduce the severity of problems being caused. The two theories have served as
the basis for our search we found that 
situational and individual changes caused by the advancement towards
mobile and digital technology can have various emotional, physiological and
behavioral outcomes and the use of mobile and digital media are increasing
because even kids also, nowadays are observing their parents etc. so, they are
likely to adopt the trend .


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