Operations that by and the team meets their objectives.

Manager: Their role is a senior position in organization and they are there
to direct the whole operations. The serviced residences operations manager’s
work to deal successfully with guests, bosses and staffs while keeping the
residences running smoothly effectively. Besides, the role also encompasses:
revenue generation, maintaining 80-90% occupancy for properties in order to
achieve the desired revenue numbers, managing cost for the properties and
planning and executing Sales and Marketing activities to meet occupancy
targets. In addition, he/she also complete Customer and Employees Management by
keeping up a high Customer Satisfaction Score for the properties, deals and
promoting folks, multi-skilled workers and ensuring that by and the team meets
their objectives. And directing manual staff and monitoring their daily tasks
as per the set standards

Assistant Manager:

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In charge of supporting The Operation
Manager with every day operations and administrations. Responsible for
guaranteeing visitor fulfillment, handling to complaints, and making sure hotel
productivity and profitability. Tend to all aspects of hotel operations without
the Operation Manager. Normally reports to head of a unit/department. Their work
is generally independent in nature


Assistant Guest Service


The Assistant Guest Services Manager
fills in as a supporting part to Operation Manager. He or She will join with
the Operation Manager in the initiative, arranging, organization, and
direction. Moreover, they have responsibility for responding to any inquiries
from the guests, and catch up with them to make sure their requirements have
been met satisfaction to them. Take and confirm reservations and cancellations.
Work together with administration to create ideas and complete processes, and
set objectives to constantly create improvement and even breakthrough in
department performance. Allocate and ensure work tasks are finished on time and
that they meet proper quality principles.


Admin Operations:

Providing administrative support such as
meetings arrangement, maintaining data and statistics record. Additionally,
Admin Operation also support in staff and registration, and handle claims and
reimbursement duties. Moreover, manpower management and purchases of office
supplies are also done by Admin Operations



Manages all housekeeping staffs, hiring
new employees as required, releases employees when necessary and take
disciplinary actions when strategies aren’t followed. Assesses workers to update
them when openings emerge. Plans the work for the housekeeping department and
conveys assignments as needs be. Allocates customary obligations and particular
duties for housekeeping staff. Arranges worker schedule and assigns additional
days off base on occupancy estimate. Keeps up a time log book of all workers in
the department. Enlist and prepare new workers. Direct new staffs to work with
experienced help. Keep an eye on crafted by these staffs incidentally and
watches the report made by the directors. 
Approves all supply orders, for example, those for spreads and washroom
mats. Maintain a lost-and-found department and is in charge of all
lost-and-found things. Decides the legitimate proprietor and send

Executive Guest


As a Guest Service Executive, he/she
will serve on the Guest Services and Front Office Teams to address Guest issues
upon arrival and departure and to give the best stay to Guests by accommodating
requests for data and offering Guest help as required. A Guest Service
Executive will welcome and satisfy the registration procedure for Guests and
group arrivals, and finish the registration procedure for leaving guests
utilizing the hotel system .Oversee, adequately and effectively, Guest request,
and grievances. Maintain current information of hotel items, services,
estimating and special limited time offers, and in addition every day VIP and
unique occasions. Maximizing revenues through marketing programs and up-selling.
Perform general incoming communication obligations, including taking
reservations via telephone and electronic enlistment systems


Executive Security


The Executive security screens his staff
by patrolling with them via auto or by walking. The E.S is likewise in charge
of observing the electronic surveillance systems utilized on the premises.
Every day the executive security assigns for his officers to watch and
indicates a rundown of potential issues his officers ought to be vigilant for.
In the event that somebody is discovered trespassing or carrying out another
wrong doing, the executive security observe the transfer of the accused
individual to the local authorities .The executive security works with staff to
create safety strategies the area he screens. He leads periodically drills for employees
and patrons in the serviced residence.

Security Officer



The Security Officer attempts to ensure
the serviced residence properties against perils, for example, robbery, fire,
and trespassers. They protect guests and the property inside the lodging as
wel. The serviced residence resources like valuables assets and cash are also
include in the things they need to guard. Moreover ,most hotel or residence
oblige security officers to keep a log or set up a report of all events and
activities amid their work day. These logs record bizarre events, and also
routine activities. They make notes that they have to evict a loiterer, locate
a unlocked door. Because most hotel have 24-hour security, these reports can be
advantageous for cops researching criminals.

Room attendant


Room attendant normally has responsibilities
for changing towels, making beds and cleaning bathrooms. They will also address
clients’ queries and make sure our rooms are fully-stocked, clean and inviting
at all times.


Guest Service Officer

The duties these employees in charge involve tending to supplies,
,completing and taking orders tasks assigned by the manager, always being
polite and serve with the good manner  to
guests, moreover collecting dirty dishes, and restocking minibars. In addition, guest service officers are supposed
to handle guest’s arrivals and departure such as check-ins, check-outs, arrange
transfer for guest, cashiering, etc… In Serviced Residences, guest service
officer need to serve breakfast as well as order stocks and set up of buffet
counter, tables and cold bar. They also must ensure buffet spread are edible
and to do food tasting if required.


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