“Only to read about Construction Business from various forums,

when you dream it, you can do it.”
I firmly believe in this motivational line by the great Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani,
who was the founder of Reliance Industries. He is my role
model, and I aspire to make a positive difference in people’s lives and contribute
towards the country’s economic growth, the same way he did. Establishing
a Construction & Real Estate company with operations across borders has
been my childhood dream.

Being born into a middle class family
did not stop me from being deeply curious about the workings of the company in
which my father was working. On weekends, I would visit the factory where my
father worked and try to learn about the production process, and on my way
home, I would ask him endless questions about the procurement of raw material,
packaging, cost of operating heavy machinery, marketing strategies, and so on. As
I grew up, I started to read about Construction Business from various forums,
my conversations with my father regarding Construction business became more
meaningful and educative.

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I believe technology plays a crucial
role in the growth of any industry, especially one which is involved in core
engineering. This belief led me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Civil
Engineering, which I successfully attained with a first class distinction from
B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai.

Experience is vital for any person to
get a real grasp of how exactly an industry functions. Therefore, after
completing my undergraduate studies, I joined one of India’s oldest, most
dynamic and diverse conglomerates – Godrej Group. In the past 2 years of working
with this prestigious group as Asst Manager – Program Management, I have gained
a first-hand understanding of how big corporate operate, deal with different
challenges, and constantly propel forward.

My experience as an employee at Godrej
has taught me a great deal about generating leads for the business, networking,
marketing, and dealing with complex situations in a tactful manner. Although I
have learnt a whole lot on the job, I have felt the need for formal knowledge
of certain technical and managerial aspects of construction business from time
to time. In order to sharpen my construction management skills, I believe a
MEng in Civil Engineering with specialization in Construction management is the
need of the hour for me. I therefore quit my job at Godrej, and dedicated
myself full-time to prepare for my higher studies.

In the long term, I want to establish my
own Construction & Real Estate firm, which would have presence in multiple
countries, there by contributing to the country’s economic growth and taking
India one step closer to being an economic super power.

A MEng is the only degree which will
help me gain an in-depth knowledge of managing complex construction projects.
The different modules of the MEng program would hone my skills to manage big
and complex projects. I found these modules at University of Concordia. The MEng
program struck me as a holistic one, offering plenty of industry exposure. I
look forward to enhancing my knowledge from my peer group as well as the
modules like construction management. Studying in a richly diverse environment
such as Canada will allow me the opportunity to interact and network with
students from different countries, and enable me to become a truly global
citizen. The beautiful campus, the outstanding faculty, and the wonderful state
of Quebec itself, are all factors that have influenced my decision to pursue my
MEng in Canada. I would consider myself extremely lucky to pursue my MEng in Canada,
and will try to do utmost justice to my admission.


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