One of the most racially assimilated nations in the world is the US

One of the most racially assimilated nations in the world is the US. Laws passed over the years have contributed significantly towards ensuring there is acceptance of diverse races within the American society. Racism and racial stereotyping still persist across the US despite all the laws passed to ensure there is racial equality and equity in the US. The media has played an important role in the community in regulating news and information which circulates in society. However, the media can be used both positively and negatively to cover social issues. It can reinforce negative positions that are injurious to segments of the society. Advertising in the US has negatively shaped views on blacks and colored persons both in the past and present by negatively stereotyping them.
Understanding the background of Racial Stereotypes in the US
Racial generalizations are made when values and conceptions are associated with certain ethnicities in light of their phenotypes. The stereotype is a social construct and is formed when the social, economic, and political forces determine the racial categorization in society (Omi and Winant 10). Racial generalizations influence the feelings and thoughts of the person who has a bias against another race which is a product of racial categorizations based on prejudice and discrimination (Toribio 42). Whites are at an advantage compared to individuals from other racial backgrounds. Stereotyping other races may be an unconscious act that results from one being raised in a setting where it is the norm to discriminate against people from different races. The media and especially advertising can be blamed for entrenching racial stereotypes in sports, health issues, education, and employment across the US.


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