One of the modern discussions is if gay marriage should be legalized

One of the modern discussions is if gay marriage should be legalized.Legalizing gay marriage shows equality. Marriage is a human right and a personal choice.Gay marriage develops non-discrimination in society.The state should not restrict homosexual couples who want to marry each other.The legalization of gay marriage shows the value of LGBT people as American citizens.Same-sex marriage demonstrates to millions of people that gay relationships are as equal to straight relationships therefore helping to support diversity.Same-sex marriage shows solidity and support LGBT units.Change and adaptation make a more capable society.The legalization of gay marriage helps to address injustice supporting family stability.Validating the worthiness of same-sex couples ending discrimination and strengthening the spirit.On June 26, 2015, the U.S. supreme court disallowed all state bans on gay marriage legalizing it in all fifty states.The decision was apart of the courts interpretation of the 14th amendment. The court ruled that hindering union only to homosexual couples tampered with the amendments guarantee of equal protection under the law.Although same-sex marriage has been regulated through law religion and custom in most countries of the world.The topic of gay marriage often sparks emotional and political clashes between supporters and opponents. Married couples can help and support each other because laws are written to help that happen.For example people are able to take time off to help their hospitalized spouse.Same-sex couples didn’t receive the same help when they were unable to marry. Gay partners should have been able to support each other instead of going through unnecessarily draining processes.Gay marriage will help stabilize communities.When gay people couldn’t marry it was very difficult for couples to help one another in hard situations. The weight of support and decision-making typically falls in the hands of other family relatives rather than your spouse.People know they can rely on their partner. They will be far less worried about what will happen to their loved one. This goes beyond the situation of a crisis and can be applied, in general, terms.If anything harms a marriage, it is a negative relationship. People do not take marriage seriously anymore. This is standard for heterosexuals.Now that homosexual couple are in passionate relationships that are able to marry.They can help improve marriage overall by being a positive role model.Majority of Americans are standing up for same sex marriage. It shows America is becoming very progressive and altering the traditional view of marriage.


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