One day my friends and I decided to go to a haunted house for researching

One day my friends and I decided to go to a haunted house for researching. When we reached, we saw a black huge gate with a gigantic lock. We climbed through the walls and went in. The surroundings were very scary, there were spider webs all over there, the winds were warm, darkness was all over there, and various scary sounds were coming. The wolves were howling, crows were cawing, cats were meowing and owls were hoeing. The trees were murmuring, we all were very scared, but moved furtherer. As we drew our way nearer to the house everything around me became quitter and distant. The trees were not heard murmuring anyone and the gigantic door was far behind. Owls were quite now, but the cat was still meowing. There were no leaves on the ground, just some aged concrete steps, and a doorway that stood
in front of me. Then we went in, hoping for something nice to happen, but nothing did.
When we entered and took a step forward, the doorway closed automatically, the windows there were opening and closing, the lights were flickering, there was blood all over the floor. The hallway was dull and there were many old paintings hung there of rich people, who were looking at our every move. There were two stairways at my left and my right, which were covered with rich red carpets. There were skulls below us, which smelled like some dead smelly rats (simile). Then we became hungry, we went in the kitchen in search of food, there were many things there to eat but…
The food was not applicable for a human being; there were dead rats, lizards, cockroaches, blood instead of water and other disgusting things. We moved on to the dining room – a big table made from oak and six chairs filled the room. The table had been laid; the plates and silverware lay there touched and used, there were dead rats and insects in the plate with folk above them. Above the table hung a beautiful chandelier twinkling in the moonlight. Then we went to the bedroom for some more research, the bed in that room was covered with blood, there were scratches in the wood of the bed, “I will kill you” was written in the mirror with red lipstick, noises of women crying, shouting were coming, the cat still meowed, trees were again murmuring, wolves were again howling and owl again hoed, noises were coming, someone was saying “go away from here”.
Then I woke up, I was sweating and was dumbfounded, as this all was a stupid dream.


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