On him to have a companion. At first, God

the sixth day, God created Man from dust, in his image and likeness. After
placing man in the garden of Eden, God felt that man was lonely and it was fit
for him to have a companion. At first, God brought all the animals and birds in
the airt Man with the hope of finding a helper, but from all these, Man did not
find one. From the text, God later made Man
fall into deep sleep, took out one of his ribs and made a woman. The secondariness
of women is depicted in the text as women
were not part of God’s initial plan, they were only made to be helpers of Man.
In addition to that, from the text we can see that
a woman was created out of a man’s rib; this shows that women came
second to men. In the text, God mostly refers to men; he says that it is Man who will have dominion over animals and birds
in the air.

of women is also established when God gives Man
the responsibility to name the animals. In the text, we are told that God
brought forth all the living creatures he
made and gave Man the responsibility of
naming them. It is Man who gave the woman
her name; her name means out of Man. This
shows that women will always be secondary.  It is Man
who is given the responsibility of tilling and taking care of the garden. Even
after being given a helper, God expected Man
to still till and take care of the garden of Eden. This shows, that the woman
did not have a significant role to play.

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God was walking in the garden and heard the noticed that man was missing, he
called out to the man. God knew that the man and woman were both in the garden
of Eden. He however specifically called the man after noticing their absence.
This part of the text shows the secondariness of women. In addition to that, it
is the man who was asked how he realized he was naked. God only referred to the
woman when asking her why she ate the forbidden fruit. The secondariness of
women is also established in the kind of punishment God gave Man; he cursed the earth. This is a punishment
that affects both women and men. It was however directed to Man. Placing such a punishment on Man yet he was given the fruit by his wife
shows the important role God expected Man
to take.

Throughout the text, God placed man first. He
rarely refers to the woman: He only refers to her twice; when asking her why
she ate the fruit and when punishing her. Most responsibilities in the text are
given to man. Man is expected to be answerable in all situations; for instance how
they discovered they were naked. Man is made  first, given privilege to name. No great
importance responsibility is given to the woman in this text; this shows that
they were secondary.




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