omputers in order to recognize the extent to which

omputers offer powerful opportunities for students to explore numerous ideas, to generalize, explain results and analyze situations, and to receive fast and reliable, and non-judgemental, feedback. We wanted to look at the teacher’s perspective on ICT ,their understanding and experiences of ICT in teaching learning. The aim is to study whether the teachers understand ICT as a teaching tool, as a medium of education, or as a means of knowledge construction. Therefore, this study recommended reviewing the teacher’s perspective of learning through ICT and how efficient it is for them and that for the students. it is also important for us to observe some classes to understand the functioning of their digital learning program, and see it in action for ourselves because only when we will observe the classes we would able to make sense the responses that teacher provided us which helped us to be able to analyze the teachers perspective.Understanding teacher educators’ perspectives of ICT in education is important in order to recognize the extent to which ICT is being integrated in teacher education. Technology use in the Indian classrooms has increased in the last five years or so. Even though most of the technology initiatives tgrow in the private sector . Smart classrooms, personalised learning content, content delivery through tablets and laptops, online tutoring, file management, robotics, integrated approach to technology are a few things that are being discussed in the education space in India. But the challenges are many-lack of professional development of teachers, access and availability, mind-set and attitude of staff and lack of digital leadership at management level in schools being a few areas. Working with teachers and principals in Indian private schools, we need to develop a teacher professional development model, which aims to provide support for integrating technology in a more meaningful way, identifying personal value-streams as the base of technology integration.There are many technology integration models and frameworks being deliberated upon in classrooms around the world but creating an effective teaching-learning environment still remains a challenging task for teachers. It is been seen that many teachers are now in the initial stages of integrating technology in their classrooms.Even though teachers have started using technology to increase their own efficiency and productivity to some extent, but the disparity between their own use of technology to using it in the classroom as an instructional tool is still evident and vast.


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