Of She had died of Cholera, which is actually

Of course, everyone knows Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
– a Russian composer, whose works included numerous concertos, symphonies,
chamber music, 10 operas and a choral setting of the Russian Orthodox Divine
Liturgi.  His three ballets – “Swan lake, Op. 20, Act 2: No. 10, Scène
(Moderato)”, “Sleeping beauty (All 3 of them)” and “Nutcracker, OP. 71: Act II
Tableau 3: Variation 2: Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy”- are timeless
masterpieces. They are the most performed and most successful works which awed
the world, reaping standing ovations to full sell-out theatres.


Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840, in Votkinsk in the Vyatka region of Russia. Very little known information is known on his
parents but, His Father, Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky, was an
engineer who aided as a lieutenant colonel in the Department of Mines and
became one of the foremost metallurgists in Russia. His mother, Alexandra
Andreyevna née d’Assier, derived from French ancestry on her father’s
side, was the second of Ilya’s three wives, and was also eighteen years younger
than him. Tchaikovsky had four brothers, a sister, and a half-sister from his
father’s first marriage.

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parents took him to concerts quite often, and after one evening he complained
that he could not fall asleep because of the music stuck in his head. He was very
committed to his mother, and at age four he and his sister “composed” a song
for her. His mother’s death when he was fourteen took a big toll on him. She
had died of Cholera, which is actually very rare now


Dürbach, at the time was 22-years old and a French governess was employed in the
Tchaikovsky family, the children got all their education from her and taught
Pyotr to be fluent in French and German by the age of six, meaning he knew 3
languages, counting his mother’s tongue. Later, in the 1880’s He attempted English
one reason being so he could read the original works of Charles dickens but his
knowing of the language remained fairly basic –– just
like my Korean–– you could say that he is a polyglot.


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