OBJECTIVES IMPLEMENTATION Hand gestures can be recognized using sensors


1.    To
support the handicapped people(especially those without legs/ a leg)for normal
motion .

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2.    Targeting
the regular walkers among the elderly masses.

3.    Increasing
the interests of the jogging and long walking group of people

4.    To
create an eco-friendly product that acquires the attention of different ages.

5.    Low
cost and portable equipment for mountaineers.

6.    People
with leg ailments usable product for better movement.

7.    Enthralling
the children’s involvement in sporting activities (especially skating)

8.    To
reduce the stress of home driven people by having quality time with the
external world.



Evolution of mankind has
paved way for the introduction of new gadgets over the years.

One of the simplest and
affordable among them Is the footwear.The project mainly 

aimsat the making these
footwears much  smarter that it reduces
the human efforts for

motion specifically.
Portable rollers with well -equipped energy harvesting and power

lacing techniques are
implemented enabling the aged people especially the physically

challenged masses to
interact with the outer world like normal people and at the same

time reducing the human
efforts for motion.Power lacing specially targets at reduced

human effort in tying the
shoe laces along with the light projecting device to help the

night walkers and reduce the
number of accidents.Methodologies for eco-friendly

energy harvesting techniques
tomaximize reusability of energy for human





Leg Movement control for physically abled

Sporting activities like skating and rollers.

Balanced motion control for the aged people and
children below 5 years.

Accident preventing tool in night times.

Measurement of distance travelled.

Production of renewable sources of energy
from friction.



gestures can be recognized using sensors (eg.accelerometers). These


can be utilized for the motion as well as speed control of the rollers


to the motors. The control action can be brought about by the


microcontrollers. wireless transmissions enable the hand gestures to 


control the roller movement .Friction created due to  walking can


some charges that can be stored and used . Flexible


Light  sources can be fitted .Materials that are
hard to break and lesser in weight


utilized for the design of the attachable rollers to the soles of the




The project duration is of six months. We are likely to divide the work
monthwise and completely it accordingly. The workplan for our project is as


During the first month we are likely to
design the rollers for our smart shoes which may be of any hard plastic

The detection of hand movement and
interfacing it with the rollers would be done during the first month.


During the second month of our project we
would work on the power laces for automatic shoe lace tying.

A magnetic strip may be used in the shoes for
this purpose.


In this month we would concentrate on the
fixing of  projecting  lights in the front part of our smart shoe.

This would help the walker during night time
in case of any failure in the street lights.


During this phase, we are eyeing to work on
the energy harvesting techniques in smart shoes.

This would be useful to supply the energy
requirements needed for the smart shoes.

The energy requirements for the roller
movement and projecting lights may be met 
using energy harvesting techniques and it would prove to be



This would be the last month for the
completion of our project and during this we may be likely to test our smart
shoes and experiment it by using.

experimenting the working and testing 
the reliability of our shoes is done, the complete finished product will
be shown.




Literature Survey:

OpenCV: Computer Vision
Projects with Python by Joseph Howse ,? Prateek Joshi ,? Michael Beyeler.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmer
by Tim Cox

Building Wireless Sensor
Networks by MatthijsKooijman,Margolis

Proposed work:

            The working is based on the gestures in place of any method
like using button or joystick. The transmitter used is hands with sensors like
accelerometer and RF transmitter. This will transmit to the model which can do
moving forward, reverse, turning right and left.The detailed work is explained

is a device made using polysilicon surface sensor and signal conditioning
circuit which gives the analog output and this analog output is direct is
propotional to static acceleration of gravity.Theanalog signal is converted to
digital signal by using ADC and the encoder is used to encode the data and sned
this data into environment by using RF transmitter.At the receiving side we use
decoder  which decodes and this is used
to drive the motor in the corresponding directions.


Motor Driver














            The shoe
also has obsatcale detection mechanism which uses image processing by detecting
the obstacle and the corresponding data to the microcontroller and perform the
necessary operation by the microcontroller to take the necessary actions.

            The can
be made eco friendly by using the sensor mechanism while using the capacitive
type sensors which can be used to store the charges and this charges are
further used up by the devices to emit light which is a great companion during
night times.

            The shoe
also has the facility of automatic lace which is tied magnetically by the use
of the actuators



Expected outcomes /results:

main outcome of the project is gesture based actuation.

The shoe (bot) moves based on the gesture
based controls.

 Charging through the piezoelectric strap

Automatic obstacle detection through vision

LED for facilitating night vision

Shoe lacing automated through magnet

Eco friendly

Easily detachable/replaceable





An affordable product with
more lifetime and adverse reachability among the masses

has been given the ultimate priority.
Energy consumption being increasing steadily over

the years so the more use of
demanding reusable energy for human activities in this

project proves to be handy.
It also makes people more physically empower with the

outer world (especially physically
abled population). Being a toolof interest used by all

age groups the project when
being implemented in future will have better impact and

wide usage in the society.






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