Nuclear Weapons – Weapons of Mass destruction By Cameron Laurie August 6th

Nuclear Weapons – Weapons of Mass destruction
By Cameron Laurie
August 6th ,1945 America unleashed a catastrophic abomination upon Hiroshima, slaughtering an estimated figure of 80,000 human beings, 20,000 of those were soldiers, the rest were merely innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire. The one’s closest to the blast were the lucky ones, they died painlessly unaware of the disastrous situation, the others on the hand were not so lucky. Many suffered agonizing fatal burns and were blinded while they slowly bled to death in collapsed and burning buildings, all they could hope for was to die as quickly as possible. Not only did it cause the death of thousands it obliterated everything in a half mile radius, the only remains where the shadows of the victims burnt onto the ground. Everything within 100miles of Hiroshima was affected. Hiroshima’s city centre was literally taken off the map. It took years to rebuild and fully recover. What caused such destruction? A nuclear bomb named “Little Boy”. Little boy was a nuclear weapon designed with only one purpose kill. Comparing Little boy to more recent nuclear weapons, is like comparing a pistol to an ak-47. Nowadays we have nuclear weapons much more powerful than little boy. The infamous “Tsar Bomba” is the most powerful nuclear bomb ever created, 3000 times more powerful than Little boy. Just the initial blast from Tsar Bomba could effortlessly erase a small country. Imagine if one of these weapons was used today. The effects would most definitely be irreversible and life changing. The impacts and risks created by nuclear weapons clearly demonstrate why we should not use nuclear weapons in war.
Scotland currently stores 4 submarines, all equipped with 40 nuclear warheads these warheads are 7 times more powerful than the dreadful bomb used in Hiroshima. This may seem like a colossal number but in reality, it is nothing when compared with Russian and America’s armoury. Between them they own roughly 90% of all nuclear warheads specifically 13,400 out of a total of 15,000 nuclear warheads. Russia and America alone have enough power to annihilate the world more than once. When is it too much? Owning a nuclear weapon is a self-interested position of power for world dominance rather than a means of protection. What if one of these countries decided they wanted to destroy a country or even a continent, no one could stop them. Or even worse if one of these weapons fell into the wrong hands, they could cause significant damage on a global scale. It is simply to dangerous to allow anyone to control such a powerful menacing weapon. Nuclear weapons should absolutely not be used in war. We all want everyone to live peacefully, not in fear of world annihilation so why should nuclear weapons be allowed to disrupt that?
Not only do nuclear weapons pose a severe threat to humanity, but also to our environment which leads to problems further endangering ourselves. Scientists have warned that nuclear weapons pose the single biggest threat to the earth’s environment. According to American atmospheric scientist Richard P. Turco “detonating between 50 and 100 bombs- a mere 0.3% of the world’s arsenal, would create climactic anomalies unprecedented in human history”. According to the scientific research the effects would most definitely be considerably greater than the effects of global warming as well as anything that has happened since the beginning of human history. A staggering, 10,000,000+ people would inevitably die, the global temperature would significantly plummet and if that wasn’t bad enough the majority of the world would likely be unable to grow crops for at least 5 years after a conflict. Further causing additional casualties due to severe damage to the environment caused by highly hazardous radioactive materials released from nuclear bombs. However, it is not too late we can still avoid and prevent such a possible tragedy before it’s too late. The solution is simple, if we stop using nuclear weapons in war, it is certain that this scenario will never occur.
Nuclear weapons are full of risks as well as radiation. This radiation is devastating. A nuclear bomb leaves radiation after a blast in affected areas for up 5 years, making these areas uninhabitable and unsafe. Survivors of the blast are unavoidably exposed to this vicious poison. High radiation exposure typically causes life changing health issues such as; several cancers, heart disease, infertilely and mutations the list goes on. Nuclear warfare survivors endure experiences worse than death, they witness thousands die in front of their very eyes and suffer major health problems. How can someone live a normal life after that? Nuclear weapons ruthlessly torment their victims physically and mentally. This method of killing is inhumane and unjustified no one should ever have to experience such torturous agony. A weapon capable of such destruction and suffering should be forbidden to use in war.
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