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ntro (slide 1)Good morning everyone. My IOP questions is “to what extent is Pete a victim of colonization and the mistreatment of aboriginal people”. In order to answer this question I will first talk about colonialism, what the Canadian government did and then how it relates to Pete.Colonization (slide 2)Colonialism by definition is the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people. Starting in the late 15th century French and British expeditionary forces “discovered” land they believed to be uninhabited which they promptly claimed, fought wars over and ultimately colonized. This became common during this time as more and more individuals migrated to North America and in our case more specifically the land that makes up modern day Canada.However this seemingly uninhabited land was home to many different and vibrant aboriginal peoples all with their own already well established cultures and traditions such as the Algonquin, Nipissing and Mohawk people respectively. This land where First Nations lived gave them sustenance, it was where they grew up, learned not just about their culture but also themselves, and thrived as unique but still intertwined communities. Unfortunately for the First Nations peoples the Colonial forces not only took their land, but also over the course of hundreds of years took advantage of them, exploited them for economic gain and attempted to destroy their culture through assimilation because they viewed it as savage and inferior. The general mistreatment of Aboriginals in the land that now constitutes modern day Canada leads us to where we are today. A society where aboriginal people are three times more likely to have be victimized compared to non-Aboriginal people, where only half of aboriginal Children live with both parents and where 28% of on-reserve First Nations people and 30% of Inuit in Canada live in crowded homes meaning with more than one person per room.


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