Nowadays people would rather be on social media instead of talking to other people

Nowadays people would rather be on social media instead of talking to other people. They would rather play online games or keep scrolling on social media apps all day. This completely diminishes the human relationship. Rather than meeting my friend for a cup of coffee, I spent my time in texting him. Later, I need some help from my Professor in report writing, I emailed him from my mobile. It seems simple and easier, but I never got to know who I am talking to. I personally believe that we have completely lost our interaction from outside world.
Little by little, Social media easily destroying our connections and conversations from the world around us. There are many different factors to be talked about like decreasing quality of facial interaction, relationship and conversation. Starting with facial interaction, Texting someone looks easier, but it makes the people antisocial. On social media it does not take as much time out of the day as it would to go see someone. Not everyone likes to be out and about in person everything is accessible on your phone using FaceTime. In order to maintain a strong relationship honestly and full conversation is very important but It’s easier to lie and promise online and avoid and block that person whereas in real world we can’t. Nowadays all the business meetings are done on Skype Moreover, the employee don’t even have to go to work he can still access their workstation from home. This little advancement completely disconnected us from the outside world. In other words, social media driven a wedge in human interaction.

However, in case of conversating we developed acronyms like “LOL – Laugh out loudly”, “WYD – What you do?” and so on can be found here. A smiley face emoji is cute, but it can’t be replaced by our best friend face. Without facial expressions and gestured is a big risk of misunderstanding on social media some funny news can be found here. No doubt that technology provides a way to connect to people who is sitting next to us or overseas. The downside is that we failed to make a meaningful connection. “One survey revealed that 74 percent of Millennials prefer conversing digitally rather than in person. While this helps them communicate more efficiently, it diminishes their communication effectiveness”.

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In nutshell, From above discussion it is clear that we have completely lost human conversations and connections. And day by day society grows more dependent on technology and along with we all are losing human interaction together. As it is rightly said by Albert Einstein “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”.
“So, turn off your phone, look your friend in the eye and talk. It’s not as scary as it seems. You might actually learn something new about one another.”


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