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Not only is climate change just a bunch of numbers pertaining to the state of our planet, but climate change is already affecting citizens of the world in every region. Some factors that  have an affect on human health include: extreme weather, wildfires, decreased air quality, and diseases spread by insects, food, and water. Extreme weather is impacting all around the world much more frequently and severely than before. It also is disrupting agriculture, which in turn, would diminish the security of the food supply. Climate change is impacting the water quality; the heavy downpours push sediment into clean water, thus contaminating it. In areas where droughts are common, these droughts are now becoming prolonged and leading to a higher possibility of wildfires. In addition, this extreme heat, rising sea levels, and heavy downpours affect roadways, rail lines, airports, and even military bases  (Understand Climate Change).     There are efforts being made by the United States and many other countries to decrease their own greenhouse emission levels. There’s plenty of ways to make a contribution to combating climate change. You can reduce your own greenhouse gas emissions by travelling less frequently by car. You can move closer to your place of employment, start walking, cycling, or use more public transportation. Not only are cars a major contributor to the burning of fossil fuels, but airplanes raise even more problems. So, you may use an airplane for long distance travels, perhaps, but trains can replace this mode of transportation for medium to shorter length trips. Overall, cutting back on your consumption is another way to help. You can do this by: using paper instead of plastic bags, purchasing reusable bags, or even buying your groceries in bulk to conserve on plastic. Another small help would be relying on natural power sources, such as: solar, wind, and water; the farther we stray from greenhouse gases, the better (Biello).     All of these are small contributions to combating climate change. One of the biggest changes we can make as a society is saving the trees (May). Not only planting more trees to take in the carbon dioxide and put out clean air, but we need to halt timber harvesting in the tropics. Every single year, over 33 million acres of forests are cut down, which results in well above 1.5 million metric tons of CO2 in the atmosphere alone. To prevent this from happening, we need to look towards better forest management, paper recycling, and ultimately balancing the wood we take out with the amount of trees being replanted. You can even help this at home when you purchase new furniture; you can opt for used products or checking new products to see that they were sustainably harvested (Biello).     While this problem seems daunting to say the least, there are ways anybody and everybody can help out, if even a little. Trees are the lungs of the earth, and the world’s best hope for combating climate change.


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