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Nirav Mistry
Miss. Dos Santos
CHC2D0- Canadian History
15 June 2018
Huffington Post went out and asked many Canadians to describe Canada with one word they said , multiculturalism, peaceful, progressive, and further on talking about what a great country it is. That its a country that accepts all people and it is a country that will help out others. There was this one person that noted out the fact about Canada’s gruesome history with natives by describing Canada as genocide.There are more dark things like this that Canada has done; but yet majority remains to say that Canada is a great country. What has Canada done to set this mindset amongst everyone, how has Canada proven itself to be a Humanitarian Nation despite its past? It can be seen through the last century with Canada’s multiculturalism with it’s immigration and how they treat them, Peacefulness with it’s contributions to the UN and how they spend their money, Progressiveness with future attempts of peacekeeping from Liberals and the federal budget of 2018.

Humanitarianism is “having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people and pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering”. Many historians would laugh when reading this and applying it to Canada. With the talk of improving the happiness of welfare and happiness of humans simply stating that all should be treated equally, which is in complete contradiction to the Japanese Internment and Residential schools.Both of which were established to maintain a euro canadian society, the opposite of the person who described Canada as to be multicultural said.This person isn’t wrong however, as the Canadian point system is a very inviting system.As stated by Jan Tracy “Canada used the point system to attract immigrants without a previous connection to the country”. Jan Tracy then goes on to state that Canada gets double or triple the amount of immigrants the U.S gets., both implying that Canada encourages multiculturalism and diversity. Also, the 2011 census showed that about twenty one percent of Canada’s population (6,775,800 people) were born in a country other than Canada, about ninety three percent of those people are able to speak in one of the two official languages and their language from ‘home’. Obviously in the past Canada was not as multicultural as they would assimilate any of those who were not desired, but according to more current times since about 1971 Canada has been multicultural as they realized the benefits of diversity.Now just accepting immigrants can only go so far when calling a country multiculturalistic, it mainly depends on how the immigrants are treated and what is done to support them after arrival. Because of the increase immigrants many programs were made in order to make everyone equal. For example racism prevention programs were introduced to stop the prejudice that many people have against certain ethnicities, also programs that were made to help young minds understand the historic importance of their background were promoted in educational system ie, black history month. This all shows how Canada has been not only accepting many different types of immigrants but also creating policies in order to make sure all are treated equally both being traits of a multicultural country. Despite the history of Canada, Canada has been multicultural and has remained to be so for a long time.

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Being multiculturalistic isn’t the only thing Canadians have to say about their country. They also many times state that it’s a peaceful nation. This wouldn’t make sense if one were to take in the history of our relation with natives by taking their land or their involvement in the world wars.However, despite that Canada is actually one of the most peaceful countries and is a leader when it comes to peacekeeping. This is because Canada is always involved in UN peacekeeping missions. For example, Canada sent troops for the UN to Kashmir, the border between Pakistan and India to monitor and make sure civilians are safe, they did the same at Palestine the Israeli-Arab border. Even when the Suez Crisis broke out Canada jumped at the opportunity to be involved in UN efforts.After the efforts at Suez Canada was officially regarded by many to be a peacekeeping nation in 1956 and have done many more operations to keep this name. Now in order to continuously send troops like this Canada need to put money into their military. Now do not get the wrong Idea and think that Canada spends a lot on it’s military. As only six point three percent of its annual budget on its military. This is even lower when looking at it in comparison to other countries. For example, the US who spend nineteen point three percent of their annual budget, United Arab Emirates forty five point seven percent nearly half, Iran twenty one point seven percent of theirs, and there’s many more like this. Canada does not spend a lot of money when it comes to Military but rather spend a lot when it comes to health care, and education. This shows how Canada would much rather have it’s money be spent on bettering the lives of its citizens than to be spent on methods of ending the lives of others. By having this go on for several years there is no doubt Canada deserves the title of peaceful, as they regard their military with less importance than education and healthcare. Overall, with its efforts to help other countries during dire times and budget being spent towards more non-violent programs, it goes without a doubt it would be seen as a peaceful nation and deserves it with all its efforts.

Canada was lastly described as progressive, meaning it is always getting better. So what steps is Canada taking in the future as a progressive nation. It has been concluded that Canada is a peaceful country with all the help it has given to the UN in the past. However, it doesn’t end in the past as future plans are being made by the federal government. As a result of the current amount of Canadian soldiers in the UN being low, now Prime Minister Trudeau has vowed to bring back Canada’s “”compassionate and constructive role””. He has decided to deploy around six hundred troops and one hundred fifty police officers and spending around four hundred fifty million canadian dollars till 2019. Now the Liberal government won’t be able to just easily do this as their official opposition, Conservative, have a word to say about this. They mainy state that peacekeeping is always deadly and many Canadian troops have died in peacekeeping. There is debate whether one should trust in one side or the other. However, the meer fact that there are future plans being made and consideration being made that prevent it just show how Canada is progressive. That yes they are thinking about the future but it’s not a rush but rather is safley thought through so it can benefit as many as possible. Canada can also be seen to be progressive as the 2018 federal budget has been promised last year and is being used to tackle gender equality especially in the workplace. The money is also being used to fund projects for stopping teen dating violence, and for helping rape crisis and sexual assault center in order to help victims. This is one step in many that Canada is taking to stop gender inequality. Overall this all just shows how Canada is always being progressive and finding new ways to improve it self.

In conclusion historians can argue as much as they want about how Canada was in the past, but the truth is that Canada has made up for its mistakes and maintains to be a great and humanitarian country.It did this through its multiculturalism, peacefulness, and progressiveness, It made the point system for immigration which encourages immigrants, and made legislation in order improve the life of diverse immigrants, Canada has always been in support with the UN’s missions and spends its federal budget on things that will improve lives rather than take them, and finally is always making new plans to improve in the future. All of this just lead to Humanitarianism, as the definition of the word is to improve happiness and stop suffering , which is what Canada has been proven to do for a while now and has earned the name of a humanitarian nation.
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