My project on “Development of Camel Machine” laid a

father, my ideal, signified at an early age to me that “The pursuit of dreams
overcoming the obstacles is the greatest noble act one can do” and this has
come to stay with me in all my accomplishments so far. Through him I came to know
that successful individuals are neither overwhelmed by adversity, nor back away
from challenges. In spite having a non-technical background,
he was the one to sow the seed of science in me. From reading me the recent invention and technology to performing small
experiments at home, he laid the foundation of my intrigues. This has been the
prime source of motivation for me to pursue engineering as my career path and
my interest to explore the field of machines made me choose the Mechanical
Engineering domain.

My academic profile shows
outstanding grades where I secured 89.92% in my 10th Standard
and my intermediate with 72%.Leveraging my intellectual and personal attributes,
I was able to secure admission to the highly coveted undergraduate program in
Mechanical Engineering at one of the most respected institute affiliated to the
Savitribai Phule Pune University. During which I faced many
challenges boldly because of the strong foundation laid in my school.

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I spent the next four years
studying the principles and concepts of Science and Technology. I had the
opportunity to study many core mechanical subjects with applications like thermal
sciences, industrial engineering, metrology and quality control, material
sciences etc. From how a slight increase in temperature can change the material
property to how an organization follows certain plan for its manufacturing of
product, every step in the course was a surprise well planned.I was ranked as one of the consistent performers in my department.


During fifth semester I
undertook a project on “Design and Development of Pushrod Suspension System”.
The design was inspired from suspension system of cater ham cars. The project
helped me understand the basic mechanism and types of suspension systems.I
undertook my summer internship at “Thermax India Pvt Ltd” where I learnt about
designing and installation of solar panels. I completed an internship  for six months and final year project at
Vishay Components India Ltd. “Man-Machine-Materials”
, three pillars go hand in hand was the basic outcome of the internship
. Final year project on “Development of Camel Machine” laid a strong foundation
of industrial culture, identifying small changes, encouraging lean
manufacturing and designing systems. Studying mechanical engineering never
failed to build curiosity in me about what I was learning and this motivated me
to decide to pursue my masters.

Equipped with the
technical knowledge and skills, now I am poised to take up this enriching
graduate program. With keen interest in designing, industrial control systems and
sustainable energy, I would like to take up my higher education in the
excellency offered by various departments in your university. I believe that the essence of university education
lies in the success of long and rewarding relationship between the student and
his department. Your university is a confluence of people from varied culture,
nationality, religion, race and ideology. I am sure that my exposure to diverse
influences would aid in the overall development of my personality and help me broaden
my horizons of knowledge. With research and
co-op options available at the University of Concordia, I am confident that I
will have the opportunity to work professionally and take up research-work

I am looking forward to
establishing long-term relations with the department and remain committed to
being a student worthy of your global reputation. Thank you very much for the
positive consideration of my profile.



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