My name is Jack Baker and I would like to become a Head Student in 2019

My name is Jack Baker and I would like to become a Head Student in 2019. I believe that I have the qualities and skills to be a successful leader here at Papanui High School. This role would also serve as a way for me to give back to the wider school community. Throughout this year, my experience with the Year 12 Leadership group has pushed me out of my comfort zone, helping me to grow as a person and develop my leadership skills. Being a Head Student next year would give me the opportunity to use what I have learnt and be able to contribute to the Head Student team.

My suitability for being a Head Student is based on what I have learnt throughout my time at Papanui as well as my development as a person outside of school. In terms of prior leadership experience at Papanui High School, I have been an Open Night Guide on several occasions, where I was able to show prospective year 9’s our school. I have also had a taste of what it is like to be a Head Student as I had the privilege of being the Head Boy of Belfast School in 2014. This role was my first leadership opportunity that I have had and taught me the basics of what it is like to be a leader. Five years later, I believe I have become more well-rounded and a better person. I’ve learnt to have an open mind when it comes to tackling new challenges and know the importance of being a team player when working with others.

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During my last four years at Papanui High School, I have been a member of the school touch rugby teams. I am currently a member of the Boys Super Touch Team who represented the school at the National Tournament in Auckland in 2017. This year I am one of the more senior players in the team, as we look to rebuild into a strong, successful team again. I also play rugby for the Merivale-Papanui High School rugby club during the winter season. Through my sport I have learnt key skills and values including being part of a team, work ethic, perseverance and commitment as well as always striving to improve. I feel these qualities are also important for being part of a leadership team as it is not just about me being a leader, but also being able to work well in a cooperative environment.

Academically, I completed my NCEA Level 1 with an Excellence endorsement and my hard work throughout the year meant I could achieve my goals. I have maintained that similar work ethic this year, so that I can also meet the high standards I set myself. I know how important it is to attend not only all my classes, but as many sports practises and year 12 leadership meetings as I can. The more work and effort I put into the things I do, the better the results are at the end. So if I was to be selected as a Head Student, I am someone who is reliable and who can work hard to achieve good results.


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